Of Feather And Bone Premiere New Track “Hymn Of Perversion”

Denver death trio OF FEATHER AND BONE will release their debut LP, Bestial Hymns Of Perversion, through Profound Lore Records in March, this week unveiling a new single from the album. Tune in and experience OF FEATHER AND BONE’s “Hymn Of Perversion” below:

Bestial Hymns Of Perversion by OF FEATHER AND BONE

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Eskhaton Release New Song From Forthcoming Album “Omegalitheos”

Australia’s death metal force Eskhaton have released the title track from forthcoming album Omegalitheos for mass consumption. The album will be released in early 2018. What do Eskhaton sound like? Let’s go with the band’s description: “Psychotic Bestial Death Metal of absolute chaos and total death.” Need we say more? Find out for yourself below.

Stream the promo video for “Omegalitheos” below.

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Abatuar Posts Song From New Album “Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta”

Today, the bestial blackgrinders from Abatuar premiere new track “Los Efectos de la Gangrena y Putrefacción,” hailing from the band’s debut album, “Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta,” which is set for international release on April 17th via Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Panama’s preeminent extreme metal export, Abatuar is the work of one madman named Cadaver. He burst onto the scene in 2014 with the debut demo “Vejación de la Bestia,” which was followed a year later by another demo, titled “Fosa Común.” So impressed with Abatuar’s raw ‘n’ rabid savagery, Dunkelheit compiled both demos onto CD format and released it toward the end of 2015, thereby giving this cult the international exposure it so requires.

However, from those humble beginnings explodes Abatuar’s sickest and most depraved work yet: “Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta.” In a mere 31 minutes across a dozen disgusting tracks, the release encapsulates the Abatuar experience: ceaselessly violent, virulent blackgrind with a swarming-from-all-sides sensation.

1. Los efectos de la gangrena y putrefacción
2. La noche de los muertos vivientes
3. La bestia, el monje, el cura y el loco
4. Decapitación letrinal
5. Relaciones necrofecales
6. Adoctrinamiento colectivo genocida
7. Deidades sepultadas con restos humanos
8. Sacramento antropofágico
9. Ordalías de hierro fundido
10. Descuartiza al hijo de puta
11. Acompañados a la tumba
12. En la necrópolis del totalitarismo

Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta by ABATUAR

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Crurifragium Posts “Slaughterers Of The Flocks”

Today the bestial metal cult Crurifragium premieres new track “Slaughterers of the Flocks” online. The track hails from the band’s debut album, “Beasts of the Temple of Satan,” set for international release on January 30th via Invictus Productions.

Although only springing to foul life in 2015, Crurifragium’s history stretches back to a previous existence as Warpvomit. Under this new incarnation, the track listing for “Beasts of the Temple of Satan” will be as follows:

1. Behold (Evangelation)
2. Stigmata Excruciation
3. Unfurl the Banners of Evil
4. Flayed Angels
5. Exalted Blasphemous Trinity
6. Vespers for the Massacred
7. Slaughterers of the Flocks
8. Utter Sadism
9. Crucified Bastard
10. Beasts of the Temple of Satan
11. The Horns of Power

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Bestial Raids Streaming Full “Master Satan’s Witchery” Album

Out now digitally, Bestial Raids is set to drop a vinyl edition of “Master Satan’s Witchery” via Nuclear War Now! Productions in February. The full album is also available for streaming below and bears the following track listing:

1. Elder Devilry
2. Excrements of Creation
3. Descending the Thantifaxath
4. All Sins Abode
5. Kingdom Below
6. Angel of the Abyss
7. Darkness Visible

Master Satan’s Witchery by Bestial Raids (official)

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Bestial Warlust Releasing “Storming Bestial Legions Live ’96”

Hells Headbangers is proud to release a special live album from the legendary Bestial Warlust, “Storming Bestial Legions Live ’96,” on both CD and vinyl LP formats.

Just like the title states, “Storming Bestial Legions” captures these Australian extreme metal pioneers at the height of their powers, not long after classic second album “Blood & Valour” was released.

As such, the setlist storms through that album as well as Bestial Warlust’s pivotal debut album, “Vengeance War ’till Death,” which went on to become one of the most mimicked black metal records in the new millennium, where the bestial metal subgenre soon flourished.

In conjunction with this live album, Hells Headbangers will also be reissuing Bestial Warlust’s two lone albums from the ’90s on deluxe digipack and, for the first time, cassette.

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Crurifragium Releasing Debut Album “Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan”

Invictus Productions is proud to present Crurifragium’s debut album, “Beasts of the Temple of Satan,” due out January 30th. Although only springing to foul life in 2015, Crurifragium’s history stretches back to a previous existence as Warpvomit.

Although only existing for a couple years before the name-change with the lone “Carnal Sacrifice” demo, Warpvomit verily approximated their moniker: disgusting, gestatingly cyclonic bestial metal that brimmed with a weird ‘n’ unsettling chaos and a tar-thick density.

With that name change came a relatively more finessed approach to the bestial arts Crurifragium’s eponymous debut demo suggested a slight change was afoot, but it’s with “Beasts of the Temple of Satan” where the power-trio truly come into their own. Resolutely crude and barbaric and forsaking any niceties like “progression” or good taste, Crurifragium explodes forth with a filthiness beyond compare.

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Thus Defiled Streaming “An Unhallowed Legacy”

The upcoming devilish collection from Thus Defiled, “An Unhallowed Legacy,” is now streaming online in full and can be heard below.

The six black-crowned invocations of evil that make up “An Unhallowed Legacy” will be officially unleashed on the world on 6.6.16, but this will be a chance for fans, new and old, to revel in the bestial malevolence of the first Thus Defiled release in five years ahead of the appointed time.

“An Unhallowed Legacy” brings together long out of print EPs, “A Darker Beauty” and “Fire Serpent Dawn.” The physical release will be available in limited, lavish ancient grimoire packaging. Pre-orders are online here.

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Six Feet Under Streams New “Gruesome” Track

In just two weeks, the iconic death metal giants from Six Feet Under will unleash the bestial wares of their “Crypt Of The Devil” full-length via Metal Blade Records.

The band’s eleventh studio recording boasts ten brutalic slabs of audio repugnance. Following the release of the “Stab” track, today the song “Gruesome” also comes online.

Give it a listen below, courtesy of No Clean Singing. “Crypt Of The Devil” will see release via Metal Blade Records on May 5th, 2015.

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Bestiality Streaming “Stuck In Bestial Vision” EP

Created with blasphemy and hate, a new Polish horde is coming: Bestiality now spits out a mini album full of sonic destruction.

All eight tracks of evil desecration (and an additional Bathory cover) from “Stuck In Bestial Vision” can be heard below or over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Ode To The Dead / Tales From The Crypt 03:48
2. Mortalist 03:09
3. Raped By The Devil 02:11
4. Crucified 03:50
5. Hades (Bathory cover) 02:30
6. Visions Of Doom 03:35
7. Blood Red Like Sodomy 06:23
8. Way Of The Cross 02:35
9. Ritual Genocide 02:18

BESTIALITY Stuck In Bestial Vison by Bestiality

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