Breaking Benjamin Debut New Song “Feed The Wolf” & Detail New Release “Ember”

Breaking Benjamin debut a second track from their new effort, “Ember“. Below you can find a stream of “Feed The Wolf” from the album. April 13th has been scheduled as the release date for “Ember” through Hollywood Records.

That release will run as follows:

01 – “Lyra”
02 – “Feed The Wolf”
03 – “Red Cold River”
04 – “Tourniquet”
05 – “Psycho”
06 – “The Dark Of You”
07 – “Down”
08 – “Torn In Two”
09 – “Blood”
10 – “Save Yourself”
11 – “Close Your Eyes”
12 – “Vega”

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Breaking Benjamin Tease New Single “Red Cold River” From Upcoming New Album “Ember”

Breaking Benjamin share the below tease for their new track “Red Cold River”. It’s set to launch this Friday, January 05th, and will be the first single to arrive from the band’s upcoming album, “Ember”.

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Magoa Announces New Single Release

Magoa has a new single due to drop on September 1st titled “The Bastille Day,” which has been teased with a brief video clip available below.

The clip was produced by Ten To One Records and directed by Benjamin Cappelletti. Stay tuned for more info due to arrive soon.

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Inverted Serenity Posts “Yugen” Drum Cam Video

The tech death metal architects from Inverted Serenity have posted a new video of drummer Benjamin Deveau assaulting his kit performing the track “Yugen,” which can be seen below.

The video was filmed during the band’s performance at The Windsor Blues Bar this past August. “Yugen” comes off new album “Integral” released back on October 9th. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Yugen (5:09)
2. Everscending (5:44)
3. Grasp of Impermanence (4:24)
4. Coeur (4:47)
5. Integral (5:14)
6. Under One Sky (4:39)
7. Breath of Life (7:16)
8. Volatile Thirst (3:10)
9. Wrought (Rot) (4:51)
10. Elemental Abyss (5:49)

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New Vocalist Benjamin Jaino Named By Alpha Tiger

German power metal act Alpha Tiger announced the replacement for outgoing vocalist Stephan Dietrich, who left the band earlier this year. Filling the void is Benjamin Jaino. As a taste of Jaino’s vox, check out a snippet of the newly recorded version of “A Long Way Of Redemption,” which originally appeared on the latest release “iDentity” (available from Steamhammer/SPV Records).

Check it out here:

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Magoa Posts New Music Video For “Wall Of The Damned”

Magoa has released a new music video for the track “Wall Of The Damned,” which was directed by Benjamin Cappelletti and can be seen below.

The track comes by way of the “Topsy Turvydom” album released last year and still available for streaming in full at this location.

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The Deathisodes Streaming New Album “Inside The Universe Of Horror”

U.K. act The Deathisodes has released new album “Inside The Universe Of Horror,” which is now available for streaming online. Check it out at Bandcamp or in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Dead Arising (Quantum Mix feat. Amma Robinson and Benjamin Ellis) 04:16
2. For Chaos Is Master (feat. Josh McMorran and Sam Bell) 05:46
3. Black Virus (feat. Jut Tabor and Ollie Roberts) 06:16
4. Whitechapel Mystery (feat. Ashley Edison and Samhain Carter-Brazier) 05:06
5. Hellbound (feat. Jake Archer and Nick Richardson) 03:44
6. Installation 4 (feat. Isak Asplund and Steve Walker) 03:18
7. Spectral Wasteland (feat. Kieren Radford and James Whitmarsh) 05:56
8. Silenced To Decay (feat. Steve Kerr and Jut Tabor) 04:06
9. Project Omega (feat Elliott Alderman-Broom and Benjamin Ellis) 05:22
10. Nexus Of Fear (composed by Arch Imp) 02:00
11. The Age Of Atrophy (feat. James Baillie-Hamilton and Jack Gliddon) 04:52
12. When Death Walks Behind (feat. Alexander Fawcett and Doug Anderson) 08:40

Inside The Universe Of Horror by The Deathisodes

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The Deathisodes Posts New Song “Project Omega”

“Project Omega” is the first release off new album “Inside The Universe Of Horror” from The Deathisodes, which is due for release on the 21st of June via UKEM Records. Check out the song in the player below.

This track features Elliott Alderman-Broom from Cambion and Benjamin Ellis from Bloodshot Dawn. Pre-orders for the album are available at this location.

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