Ljosazabojstwa Announces “Sychodžannie” EP

After releasing a demo last year, Belarusian black/death metal crew Ljosazabojstwa is now back with an EP entitled “Sychodžannie” that’s set for release on June 30th, 2017 via Hellthrasher Productions.

With “Sychodžannie,” LSZB takes ancient thrashing black death to a whole new level, balancing barbaric riffage with mysterious interludes and spoken word samples that make for a unique experience.

The EP was mixed/mastered by Ghostalgy Productions and features artwork by VR. Pre-orders are online here and the track listing is as follows:

1. Pozirk u biezdan
2. Zhuba
3. Piekla
4. Šliach na Miehida
5. Sychodžannie
6. Zabojstwa ljosu

Sychodžannie by LJOSAZABOJSTWA

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Veld Releasing New Album “Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian”

Formed in 1995, the Vitebsk-based death metal band Veld (currently consisting of Polish and Belarusian musicians) managed to record three full-length albums before an ill-fated demise in 2008.

Seven years later, a new album titled “Daemonic: The Art of Dantalian” is now finally on the horizon featuring 10 unholy death metal tracks recorded at Sinsinity studio. The album will be released in March of 2015, and now a lyric video for the track “World In Obscure” can be seen below.

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