Watch Video Footage Of The Lurking Fear’s (At the Gates, The Haunted) Second-Ever Concert

Swedish death metal all-star outfit The Lurking Fear (At the Gates, The Haunted) played its second-ever concert Saturday night (May 13) at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fan-filmed video footage of the show can be seen below. The band will release its debut album “Out Of The Voiceless Grave” on August 11 via Century Media Records. The disc is being recorded at Welfare Sounds in Gothenburg, Sweden.

States the band:

“We are in the middle of wrapping everything up in the studio and have just started the mixing process for the 11 tracks we recorded. It’s sounding nasty and raw, just the way we want it! The record is called ‘Out Of The Voiceless Grave’ and that title sums up what the album and actually band are all about. Our idea is that you get a glimpse of the horrors spewing out from our metal grave of interstellar death. The album is basically our Vortex spawn, a beast with eleven heads, all ready to devour you! We are very pleased with how it sounds right now, as the guys at Welfare Sounds understood our concept immediately and have managed to capture some pure death metal filth on tape!”

The Lurking Fear is:

– Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates) – Vocals
– Jonas Stålhammar (The Crown) – Guitar
– Fredrik Wallenberg (Skitsystem) – Guitar
– Andreas Axelsson (Disfear, Tormented, Edge Of Sanity) – Bass
– Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, The Haunted) – Drums

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New Album Recordings Underway As Adrenaline Mob Enters Studio

THE MOB IS BACK! The one and only Adrenaline Mob has confirmed a brand new full length studio album will be released early 2017 via Century Media Records. Following 2015’s “Dearly Departed,” the forthcoming release is being recorded by Adrenaline Mob guitarist Mike Orlando once again at his own Sonic Stomp Studio.

Orlando checked in with the following comment: “Myself & Russell are hard at work finishing up the writing & are heading into the studio to track the new Adrenaline Mob album in a few weeks time. The album is coming out great & we’re both very excited on the sound & direction. We’re extremely thrilled to be releasing our 3rd studio album on Century Media Records! Our expected release time will be early 2017.”

Still revving from two critically successful full length albums and standout EPs, the gears are set for full throttle with an all new armory of lethal tracks. It’s undeniable, the beast that is AMOB is back! Stay tuned for more album details to be announced soon!

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Ade Reveals “Carthago Delenda Est” Album Details

Epic roman death metal band Ade is currently immersed in the last stages of the recording, mixing and mastering process for 3rd opus “Carthago Delenda Est.”

New album “Carthago Delenda Est” is being recorded, mixed, and mastered at Overload Studios by Riccardo Studer and below you can see a few video reports from the studio sessions. The album is due to drop July 15th via Xtreem Music and will feature the following track lsiting:

I. Carthago Delenda Est
II. Across the Wolf’s Blood
III. Annibalem
IV. With Tooth and Nail
V. Dark Days of Rome
VI. Scipio Indomitus Victor
VII. Mare Nostrum
VIII. Zama: Where Tusks are Buried
IX. Excidium
X. Sowing Salt

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Candlemass Recording New EP With Mats Levén

Candlemass is back to celebrate 30 years of doom with a brand new EP. Four studio tracks featuring Mats Levén on vocals are being recorded during for a special anniversary release early next year on Napalm Records.

The band is also happy to announce that Mats Levén, a longtime friend of the band, is now the permanent singer for the Swedish doom squad. Mats commented:

“20 years ago, Leif invited me to the project Abstrakt Algebra. 10 years ago, I started helping Candlemass with their demos. Today, I’m happy to say that I’m the new singer of Candlemass. I truly believe that 2016 will be one of the best years in a long time for Candlemass! Big thanks to my brothers of doom: Janne, Lasse, Leif & Mappe.”

Per Wiberg is today also an essential part of the Candlemass live shows with his keyboards and filling in for Leif on bass until he’s back in shape again. The band is currently recording the anniversary EP in Ghost Ward studios in Stockholm together with David Castillo.

“The new songs are more like the material on the ‘Nightfall’ album than what we did on ‘Psalms For the Dead,'” says Leif Edling. “Lot’s of guitars, and cool riffs but also really good songs that I hope and think our fans will dig!”

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UNLEASHED Enter Studio to Record New Album!

Legendary Swedish Viking Death Metal outfit UNLEASHED are currently in the studio recording the follow up to their critically acclaimed Odalheim album. The new album is being recorded by producer and guitar player Fredrik Folkare in his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The title of the record is still a secret but expect it […]

more metal news here:
UNLEASHED Enter Studio to Record New Album!

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Unleashed Issues New Album Update

Swedish viking death metal outfit Unleashed is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to the “Odalheim” album.

The as-yet-untitled new album is being recorded by producer and guitar player Fredrik Folkare in his own Chrome Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Front man Johnny Hedlund states:

“Warriors!!! We are almost finished with the recordings of the new album. We are naturally very excited about this new release and are looking forward to hear your comments about it. This album takes over exactly where Odalheim left off, both music and story wise. Looking forward to see you all in a Viking hall soon. Hail Odin! Johnny & The Boys.”

Unleashed’s latest record “Odalheim” was released in April 2012 via Nuclear Blast. Stay tuned for full details coming soon on the new album.

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Hortus Animae’s Martyr Lucifer To Guest On New Ancient Album

Hortus Animae vocalist Martyr Lucifer is currently recording vocals for the upcoming new album from Ancient, which will be Ancient’s first full-length studio output in 10 years. Hortus Animae comments:

“Martyr Lucifer entered Domination Studio (RSM) to record guest vocals for a song to be contained on ‘Chapter VII: Back From the Land of the Dead,’ the comeback album of the legendary Norwegian black metal band Ancient.

“Nick Barker has recorded the drums at Alpha-Omega Studio in Como (Italy), and the guitars are being recorded now. The master is expected to be ready in May. Zel will be recording vocals with Jacob Hansen (who also produced the ‘Proxima Centauri’ album) in Denmark.

“The release will probably take place around September, the label has still not been confirmed though.”

A few song titles were recently announced to be “Born In The Land Of The Dead,” “The Sempiternal Haze,” and “The Ancient Disarray.” The current Ancient line-up is:

Zel: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Dhilorz: Guitars, bass
Nick Barker: Drums

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Sabaton Posts Swedish Guitar Clinic Footage

Chris Rörland and Thobbe Englund from Sabaton headed off to Kalix, Sweden to do their very first guitar clinic. Now the band has uploaded footage from the clinic, which can be see below.

Sabaton is also gearing up to release new album “Heroes” this coming May, which is being recorded at Abyss Studio along with producer Peter Tägtgren. Check out the album’s artwork at this location.

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Leng Tch’e Recording New Album

Footage has been posted online of Leng Tch’e performing live in Japan, which can be viewed below, and the band also comments about recording a new album:

“Another year gone by. A little older and none the wiser. More stages destroyed, eardrums pierced, brain cells annihilated, friendships made and Japan finally conquered after 12 years of spreading the razorgrind worldwide.

“A new full length album is being recorded as we speak and will see the light of day in the coming year. In the meantime, enjoy the last song of the last show of our last tour. We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of you guys, our dear fans. Party hard and see you all on the road in 2014!”

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Haboryn Begins Recording New Album “The Chapter Unread”

Venezuelan outfit Haboryn has checked in with the following announcement about recording a new album:

“Haboryn has started to record this May thy 3rd an LP which will carry the name ‘The Chapter Unread’ and will feature 10 tracks of thrash / death metal accompanied by a dose of density and melody. The album is being recorded in the city of Coro (Venezuela), with details coming soon!”

Photos from the band’s time in the recording studio have also been posted online via the Haboryn Facebook profile here.

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