Details On New Album ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ Revealed By Mammoth Mammoth

Australia’s Mammoth Mammoth will release the new album “Volume IV – Hammered Again” via Napalm Records on March 27th (EU) and April 7th (USA/CAN). The band promises a mix of “dirty hard rock with a healthy dose of stoner vibes.” The full release schedule is as follows:

27.03.2015 GAS/AUS/EUROPE
30.03.2015 UK/NO/FR/DK/IT
01.04.2015 SE/ESP
07.04.2015 USA/CAN

The album will be available in the following formats:

– LTD first Edition digipack & Bonus track
– LTD 1 LP Gatefold Pic Disc Edition (x500)
– LTD 1 LP Gatefold in Gold (x100) & Woven Backpatch
– LTD 1 LP Gatefold in Purple (x100)
– 1LP Gatefold in Black

The track listing is:

1. Life’s a Bitch
2. Lookin’ Down the Barrel
3. Electric Sunshine
4. Fuel Injected
5. Black Dog
6. Promised Land
7. Reign Supreme
8. Sick (Of Being Sick)
9. Hammered Again
10. High as a Kite
11. Alcohol (Bonus Track)

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Anthrax Releasing Limited Edition “Indians” Bourbon

Anthrax – which is now in the studio recording a new album – has announced the band’s own brand of bourbon, “Indians.”

Anthrax has aligned with Jefferson’s Bourbon, the Kentucky-based company that produces limited edition small batch whiskeys by blending a variety of aged bourbons and rye whiskeys. Anthrax’s “Indians,” a single barrel bourbon, was personally chosen by the band and will taste like no other due to its particular blend and the barrel it was aged in.

“We’ve been wanting to come up with a special item like this, something that was unusual, one-of-a-kind, not a t-shirt or hoodie or poster,” said the band’s Frank Bello, “and ‘Indians’ was perfect.”

The bourbon is now available exclusively through Atlantic City Bottle Company at this location. “Indians” will be priced at $75 per bottle (in-store pick up) and $100 (shipped to an address) and will come with a signed piece of the stave of the barrel that the bourbon was aged in.

Anthrax – Bello, Charlie Benante, Scott Ian, and Joey Belladonna – lifted “Indians”-filled shot glasses last Friday when the band found out that “Neon Knights,” a cover of the Black Sabbath song (from Sabbath’s 1980 release, “Heaven and Hell”) recorded for the “Ronnie James Dio – This is Your Life” tribute album got the nod in the Grammy Awards Best Metal Performance category.

“It’s been an honor everytime we’ve been nominated,” said Anthrax’s Benante, “but this one is particularly special. To have been asked to contribute ‘Neon Knights’ to Ronnie’s tribute album was an honor on its own; to have it nominated for a Grammy is just beyond the best.”

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Gun Barrel Streaming Entire Album "Brace For Impact," Announces North American Release

Massacre Records will release the newest album from German dirty rock ‘n rollers Gun Barrel, entitled “Brace For Impact,” in North America on May 22nd. The following press release was also issued:

“Since their year-2000 formation, Gun Barrel have pulverized their fans and music critics like with their uncompromising style of metallic rock and their raging on-stage attitude. Following a steady flow of releases via respected labels like SPV and Limb Music over the past decade the band signed with Germany’s Massacre Records for the 2012 release of their fifth full-length studio release, Brace For Impact.

“With nearly fifty minutes of Gun Barrel’s thundering approach in its holster, Brace For Impact bears eleven hard-hitting tracks, and is the first release from the band to feature new vocalist Patrick Sühl. The change in the vocal guard gave the entire band a new surge of energy, which shows trough in every song. The band recorded the album recorded in their own studio, and had it mixed by Yenz Leonhardt (Iron Savior, Savage Circus, Stormwarrior) and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, TNT), and commissioned the cover artwork to Steve Santana (Harley Davidson, Powerwolf).”

You can stream “Brace For Impact” in its entirety through the player below or at the Gun Barrel Bandcamp page. The track listing is as follows:

1. No Survival On Arrival
2. Brace For Impact
3. Dancing On Torpedoes
4. Books Of Live
5. Start A Riot
6. Stand Your Ground
7. Diamond Bullets
8. With Might And Main
9. The Wild Hunt
10. Turbölence & Decadence
11. Big Taboo


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Gun Barrel Signs With Massacre Records To Release "Brace For Impact"

Massacre Records has issued the following announcement about inking a deal with Gun Barrel:

“Street credibility? Check. Uncompromising sound? Check. Pure enthusiasm? Check. Gun Barrel don’t breathe new life into the great tradition of heavy metal, they inject it with high pressure. These guys combine old school, misfit rock ‘n’ roll and metal attitude in an ingenious way. Being the representatives of this dirty metal rock ‘n’ roll, they really let it rip during their legendary live performances.

“You can feel the animal instinct and the heart and soul that make the band skyrocket on stage. If nothing else, this might be due to the fact that Gun Barrel are among the most frequent performers in Germany. Those, who survived the Gun Barrel live drumfire are totally thrilled and become serial offenders. This is unavoidable.

“Gun Barrel is always good for a surprise. Acoustic show or full decibel attack; it is not unusual that guest stars such as Andy Brings appear on stage with them, that they contribute songs to several samplers, take a flight to Spanish island Mallorca by the order of rock ’n’ roll or that they give the audience an understanding of their sound at legendary festivals such as Wacken Open Air or Slovenia’s Metalcamp.

“Gun Barrel has gone through a lot during the last 10 years; so these dudes became a tough alliance. Rock star affectations? No way. Despite all the glamour, the band remains down-to-earth and continues to look forward – one is still up to much more!”

The band’s new album “Brace For Impact” will be released on March 23rd, 2012 via Massacre Records.

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