First In A Series Of “Medusa” Trailer Clips Issued By Paradise Lost

The countdown to “Medusa” is on! The album from U.K. death/doom pioneer Paradise Lost drops on September 1st via Nuclear Blast. The band issued the first in a series of trailer clips leading up to the album’s release.

In the first, the band showcases the recording process for “Medusa.” The track listing for the album is:

1. Fearless Sky
2. Gods of Ancient
3. From the Gallows
4. The Longest Winter (lyric video available here)
5. Medusa
6. No Passage for the Dead
7. Blood & Chaos
8. Until the Grave
9. Frozen Illusion
10. Shrines
11. Symbolic Virtue

Check out the clip here:

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Devilish Impressions Finishes Work On New Album

Devilish Impressions has finally completed work on a forthcoming new album. The band issued this announcement online via Facebook:

“It’s been a long way to be finally able to share this news with you Devils. Can’t actually believe it myself but… it’s fucking ready!! It took us way over a year to wrap it all up, countless nights spent on writing the music, than working on pre-production, followed by proper recordings afterwards.

“Did it pay off? Well, we’ll see. We surely worked our asses off, pushed things back and forth to get the best out of it. As a result we’ve got something we are damn proud of, something that we believe surpasses everything we’ve done in the past on all possible levels. Details on the album shall be unveiled in due course so watch this space for further announcements.”

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Debut Release “Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy” Issued By Nuclear Detonation

Italian thrash act Nuclear Detonation issued the debut album “Living Dead, Sons Of The Lobotomy” via Iron Shield Records, with worldwide distribution via Pure Steel Records. The album was originally released back in March on cassette via the small independent label Puzzle Records.

Nuclear Detonation was founded in 2012 by vocalist/guitarist Luca “Detonation” Sergi in Calabria, Italy. The band issued its first single single “Down To Hell” in 2013.

The track list for the album is:

1. Down To Hell
2. Slow Decay
3. People Of The Lie
4. A.T.A. (Another Thrash Attack)
5. Living Dead
6. Hang The Poser
7. Mental Prison
8. Nuclear Detonation

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Zao Working On New Material To Release In 2015

Zao (formerly with Ferret, Tooth and Nail, and Solid State Records) has been dormant for around two years, and is now showing signs of stirring. The band issued this brief statement today via Facebook:

“After much deliberation we have decided that 2015 will absolutely see some new music unveiled. Just throwing this out there so we have to stick with it.”

Stay tuned for further details as they develop, and you can follow the band’s posts over at this location.

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New Album “The Valiant Fire” Announced By Damnation Angels, Enter Studio In October

U.K.’s Damnation Angels, featuring Norwegian vocalist Per Fredrik Åsly (a/k/a PelleK), has announced that the band will enter the studio in October to record its sophomore LP “The Valiant Fire.” The album is targeted for an April 2014 release month via Massacre Records.

The band issued its debut “Bringer of Light” in 2012, with release in North America via Massacre just this year. On September 6th, the band will make it’s United States live debut at ProgPower USA when they kick off the main festival as its first band at 2:00pm.

Further information on the new album is expected soon.

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Preview Of New LP "RIITIR" Posted By Enslaved

Norwegian viking legends Enslaved have posted a preview clip of the new LP “RIITIIR” (see Metal’s review at this location). The album was released last week in Europe and is set for an October 9, 2012 drop in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band issued several track commentaries, the latest of which can be found over here. The track list for “RIITIIR” is as follows:

1. Thoughts Like Hammers (streaming here)
2. Death in the Eyes of Dawn
3. Veilburner
4. Roots of the Mountain
5. Riitiir
6. Materal
7. Storm of Memories
8. Forsaken

Check out the album preview here:

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Dopelord Streaming "Magick Rites"

Hailing from eastern Poland is the stoner band Dopelord who formed back in 2010. Just recently the band issued a seven-song offering titled “Magick Rites,” which is streaming on Bandcamp. Dopelord put this album out as the first ever release on the Polish label I Can’t Tell You Records. The band, which is heavily influenced by 70’s music, magic herbs and old movies, had Miodek and Tomasz Gornicki create the artwork for “Magick Rites.” Stream it in its entirety below.

Magick Rites by Dopelord

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Huntress Drops Off Remaining Tour Dates With Wretched

Heavy metal sensation Huntress has dropped off the band’s remaining tour dates with Wretched, which were set to run through August. The band issued the following brief announcement:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Huntress will not be continuing the tour with Wretched. Thank you for the fans that came out to the earlier shows. We will see you again soon!”

Huntress also has upcoming tour dates with Dragonforce scheduled for October, and the band has not issued any official announcement on whether those dates are also going to be canceled. For more info on upcoming Huntress activity, head over to the band’s Facebook profile.

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