Despotz Records Inks Deal With F.K.U.

Inspired by 80’s thrash bands and horror movies, coupled with old issues of Metal Forces and cheap beer, the mighty Swedish horror metal machine F.K.U. has just signed with Despotz Records and is currently working on an album to be released in late fall.

The band says, “As we prepare to enter the next stage of our ongoing battle for total dominance, we have formed a new alliance to assist us in forcing the world to succumb to horror and metal. We are proud to announce that Despotz Records will be releasing our albums in the future. They are a force to be reckoned with and will take no prisoners. And make no mistake, F.K.Ü. will be back with another horror metal attack late this fall.”

Throughout their three decade long career F.K.U. has shown the world that it’s possible to have good, friendly, violent fun on your way to the nearest mosh pit.

“We give you horror Thrash Metal’s finest, F.K.Ü,” says Despotz Records partner, Omer Akay. “The band celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this year, and we’re honoured to present their fifth album to the world this fall. Mosh til u drop!!”

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New Video Clip “Kirouksen Kantaja” Issued By Noumena

Finnish melodic death metal band Noumena releases the new album ”Myrrys” today, April 28th. The band celebrates the release with an intriguing music video of the doom and gloom track “Kirouksen kantaja” (“The Bearer of the Curse”), which you can check out below.

“In ‘Kirouksen kantaja’ dreamlike, slow melodies weave landscape over melancholic, downtempo song. Musical themes are given time to develop – in contrast to this hectic world where people’s worth is measured by their ability to perform,” analyzes guitarist Ville Lamminaho, the writer of the song.

“Lyrically the song is about overcoming obstacles and gathering strength, ‘finding the flame inside,’ to battle the curses that most people carry, in a form or another.”

The music video reveals what kind of duties and incidents a Finnish park ranger faces, when searching for a lost metal bands in the woods. The story carries the audience into the heart of Finnish wilderness and mystery. The video manages to capture and visualize the themes and the atmosphere of “Myrrys”.

Jack of all trades, Jyrki Muromäki came up the idea, directed, filmed and edited the video. He has collaborated with Noumena earlier, with the music video of ”Sleep.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Kohtu
2. Metsän viha (song streaming here)
3. Kirouksen kantaja
4. Sanat pimeydestä
5. Sanansaattaja
6. Roihu
7. Murhehuone
8. Pedon veri
9. Syvällä vedessä

Check out the clip here:

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Video Clip For New Song “I, Martyr” Issued By Hate Unbound

Hate Unbound’s critically acclaimed debut album “Plague” drops today via Inverse Records. The band celebrates in gloomy fashion with a new music video for the song “I, Martyr,” which is available in the player below.

Daryl Mitchell comments: “For the ‘I, Martyr’ video, we went with an abstract idea. One that implies that a persecuted person, a potential martyr if you will, had fought back against their oppressor and won. Now she is dragging her victim’s bodies in order release their souls. Showing the struggles she has from carrying the guilt and then bleeding out and dying. We tried to not get to deep into the specifics in hopes that people would form their own opinion of how and why things happen the way they do. We hope you enjoy it.”

The track listing for “Plague” is:

1. Baptized in Lies
2. Cut
3. Suffering
4. Burn Your Idols
5. Soiled
6. Puncture
7. Plague
8. I, Martyr
9. Grey Skies
10. The Fallen

Check out “I, Martyr” here:

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Buckcherry Posts “Wrath” Music Video

Buckcherry has posted a video for “Wrath,” the third music video from current studio release “Confessions.” Watch it below.

“They say it’s the quiet ones you gotta look out for, you know why? Because they keep all their wrath inside…” says Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd of the song. “This is a fight song – fuck the system or the system fucks you!”

The video was directed by Billy Jayne, who also directed “Gluttony,” the first single released from “Confessions.” Buckcherry is currently touring overseas in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia through December 12th. The band celebrates the new year with a hometown show January 17th, 2014 at The Whisky A GoGo in West Hollywood, CA.

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