Thyrane Regroups, Announces “Black Harmony” Demo Re-Release

After calling it quits back in 2006, Finnish black metal group Thyrane has come back together and is re-releasing the “Black Harmony” demo first released all the way back in ’97. The band comments:

“We’ve made plans with Woodcut Records to re-release some of Thyrane’s older material in different formats. The ‘Black Harmony’ demo/mcd will be re-released on CD, C-cassette and vinyl!

“The CD and the cassette will be exactly the same as the original editions, but the vinyl version has been remastered in Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. A limited edition ‘Black Harmony’ t-shirt will also be available! Stay tuned for more!”

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Sledgegrinder Reuniting For 2016 Tour Dates

After breaking up back in 2012, Florida’s Sledgegrinder has issued the following brief announcement about getting back together:

“Sledgegrinder is back in business.We have been in and out of discussing a reunion for over a year now and the time has finally come. Sledgegrinder will hit the stage in 2016. We are very excited to get back together and make some more memories with all of our metal friends!!! HELLZYES!!”

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Emperor’s Full Set From Hellfest 2014 Available Online

The Emperor is dead – long live the Emperor! Only scratch that first part, because the legendary Norwegian black metal band is back together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “In The Nightside Eclipse.”

At the recent Hellfest 2014 gathering Emperor performed the album in full, and now footage from the show is available online. Check it out below, thanks to Thrash Zone Radio.

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Fragments Releases “The Come Around” EP Online For Streaming/Download

U.K. act Fragments has posted “The Come Around” EP online for streaming, which includes a cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Give it a listen in the player below or download the tracks for free at Bandcamp. The track listing is as follows:

1. Into The Fray (ft. Crayg Williams – Terraform) 04:51
2. The Come Around 03:16
3. C’est La Vie 03:17
4. Dedication 02:55
5. We are never ever getting back together [Taylor Swift cover] 03:04
6. Blood slide [Instrumental] 02:15
7. The Great Mortality 05:40

The come around EP by Fragments

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Tony Iommi Responds To Black Sabbath Reunion News Story

Tony Iommi has commented on news that has been circulating since yesterday of a Black Sabbath reunion:

“I’m saddened that a Birmingham journalist whom I trusted has chosen this point in time to take a conversation we had back in June and make it sound like we spoke yesterday about a Black Sabbath reunion.

“At the time I was supporting the Home of Metal exhibition and was merely speculating, shooting the breeze, on something all of us get asked constantly, ‘Are you getting back together?'”

“Thanks to the internet it’s gone round the world as some sort of ‘official’ statement on my part, absolute nonsense. I hope he’s enjoyed his moment of glory, he won’t have another at my expense.

“to my old pals, Ozzy, Geezer and Bill, sorry about this, I should have known better.
All the best, Tony”

While Iommi may feel betrayed the the article, the quotes are a little too specific – unless completely fabricated, which he did not contend – to deny the reunion is taking place. We’ll post more information on the matter as it becomes available.

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