Frctrd Premiere New Song & Music Video “Tyrant”

Parisian deathcore aggressors FRCTRD premiere a new song and music video titled “Tyrant”, taken from their upcoming new album, which will be out in stores soon via We Are Triumphant.

Check out now “Tyrant” below.

Commenting on the inspirations behind ‘Tyrant’, the band states:

“The meaning of Tyrant’s lyrics depends entirely on perspective. To Vincent [the band’s singer], they mean something completely different than to Manu, even though they both participated in the writing of the lyrics!”

“At its core, ‘Tyrant’ is about looking for relief; the quest of a new safe haven as the previous one has been torn apart. It goes further than that, though, as it’s also about breaking free from the tyrants that lead our lives and taking back the right to make decisions for ourselves. These said “tyrants” are not necessarily other people, but any kind of pressure that can have an impact on your life, behaviour & decisions. Those could be social, professional, religious, cultural…the list goes on.
“One thing we know for sure is that everyone will walk away from ‘Tyrant’ with a unique, personalised take…based on their unique, personalised experiences.”

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