Fleshgod Apocalypse Enters The Studio To Record New Album

Italian symphonic death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse are currently in the studio recording the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2016 release, “King.” Frontman and drummer Francesco Paoli recently checked in to offer the following update:

“It’s official, we’re finally back in the studio and it feels absolutely great! This past year marked a new era for the band, so we felt the need to look back at our death metal roots and, at the same time, to push ourselves beyond our limits, reaching a wider level of variety and influences within the songs. We wanted this album to be fierce but also organic and unpredictable, as if it had a life on its own. That’s why we decided to involve several guest musicians, a full classical string section and even a choir!

“We’re also incredibly excited to work with legendary producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction, Aborted, Epica) for the first time. He’s the man behind so many amazing metal records and definitely one of our favourite producers at the moment. On my side, being back as the frontman also means this is my last chance to record drums on a Fleshgod Apocalypse record and this awareness actually inspired me so much while writing the parts. I really think this album will be a true landmark for me, as a drummer.”

The as of yet untitled record is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2019 release.

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Epic melodic death metallers Nothgard sign to Metal Blade Records

– April 10th, 2018 –

Photo credit: Richter Photoart

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the addition of epic melodic death metallers Nothgard from Germany to its roster! The Bavarian quartet has signed a multiple album deal with Metal Blade and is right now in the middle of recording their tentative new album, to be released during the second half of 2018!

Comments Nothgard singer/guitarist Dom R. Crey: “We are really happy to announce the signing with the renowned label Metal Blade Records. For years we have had an eye on the countless and fantastic releases Metal Blade has launched. Eventually we can call ourselves part of this family, something that makes us really proud. We are looking forward to a great collaboration and cannot wait to usher into a new era of Nothgard.”

Dom is also presenting us an outlook on the upcoming new Nothgard album: “This exciting chapter will be initiated by a new studio album! In the history of the band we have never worked harder on an album. And to be honest we never had a clearer view on our approach of composing and on our sound. We listened to both, our fans and ourselves. We have clearly analyzed our strength and how to transfer this awareness to our material. Right now tons of work are still laying ahead of us and in the end our fans will judge the result. But let me tell you: As a band we are more than happy about the outcome so far and can’t wait to present it to the rest of the World!”

Founded in 2008 by singer and lead guitarist Dom R. Crey, Nothgard dragged along the winning ways since their debut album, Warhorns Of Midgard, from 2011. The high technical quality of their guitar work and the epic orchestration of their melodic death metal is exciting to fans and critics alike. In 2014, the band released another epic milestone of deadly metal, memorable melodies and influences from both neo-classical and folk music called Age Of Pandora. After the release, Nothgard finally signed to Noise Art Records who released the band’s latest album, The Sinner’s Sake, their most serious approach yet to enter the melodic death metal throne. On The Sinner’s Sake, deadly riffs meet playful, catchy lead guitars, while the epic orchestration arranges for a cinematic atmosphere that will bring goosebumps to your skin! Completed by Dom R. Crey’s raw vocals, Nothgard‘s sound is both stormy-spectacular and full of a sublime atmosphere. With The Sinner’s Sake, Nothgard set off into the most spectacular chapter in the band’s history so far. And the best is yet to come!

Nothgard line-up:
Dom R. Crey – Vocals, Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboards
Skaahl – Guitars
Nico Kolja – Bass
Felix Indra – Drums

Nothgard live:
May 20 – Leipzig, Germany – Wave Gotik Treffen
June 14 – Uttenhofen, Germany – Aaargh Festival
July 5 – Ballenstedt, Germany – Rockharz Open Air
July 15 – Manrode, Germany – Fest Evil Manrode 2018
Aug. 24 – Cham, Germany – Mosh Open Air 2018
Aug. 31 – Nauen, Germany – Rock for Roots XV

Nothgard online:


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Mauricio Chamucero Posts “The Awareness” Video

Veteran Colombian metal drummer Mauricio Chamucero (Savage Messiah) has just released a new drumming video that features guitars from Jorge Burbano. The “Awareness” track is a skeletal version of a song that will be released with a full band – also titled The Awareness – on an upcoming EP.

Originally from Colombia, Mauricio now lives in the United Kingdom and has worked with many well-established power and traditional metal bands including Dragonforce, Savage Messiah, Blaze Bayley, and Rogue Male. He is also a full member of The Bounded.

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The Surrealist Releases New Song “Self Spiral”

The Surrealist, an instrumental duo based out of Boston featuring guitarist Roopam Garg and drummer John-Marc Degaard, just released debut single “Self Spiral,” which heralds the band’s forthcoming EP “Naked Awareness.”

Talking about the creative evolution “Self Spiral” represents for the Surrealist, the band commented that the song “was intended to introduce the whole concept of The Surrealist, and represent a new and introspective sound to the progressive music scene. Our music is the sonic embodiment of what you’d find in surreal artwork.

“Surrealism by definition is art that intertwines elements from contradictory worlds such as fantasy and reality. An example of this would be depicting an elephant with a trumpet its trunk, or a whale swimming through the sky in a bizarre fashion. The amalgam of such contrasting elements produces something that is challenging to the viewer. We intend to reflect this philosophy in a musical way. In this case, we hope to paint upon the canvas of silence by blending together a multitude of contrasting sounds. We hope to capture the imaginations of people and create music that completes a soundtrack to ones life.”

The “Naked Awareness” EP is scheduled for the September 17th release. About the creative process for this record, duo says: “Whenever we sit down to record, we rarely have any predisposed ideas. The writing phase and recording phase happen simultaneously, meaning that we would come up with a certain idea, or part of an idea, and then record it, vet it, and make any necessary changes before moving on to the next part of the song or idea. So essentially, we have no clue how the song will sound before we sit down to record, and we end up being pleasantly surprised with how it turns out. We just let whatever feels right at the time to guide the direction of the song. It sort of writes itself really. It’s pretty crazy.”

The biggest challenge the band faced during the writing phase for “Naked Awareness” was time. “We take an excessive amount of time to write music. We find ourselves being too judgmental with everything that we create. One day we’d love what we’d written, and then the next day we’d consciously try to find flaws and reasons not to love it in the hopes of creating an even better outcome,” the band states.

“Although this process works well for us, we recognize that this isn’t the optimal way to write music simply because it takes too much time. The ‘Naked Awareness’ EP took two years to finally complete, and we recognize that this isn’t a sustainable practice. We’re now trying to write in a non-judgmental less-resistant way, and to hear the beauty in everything we create. That’s when ‘Self Spiral’ was created – that track literally wrote itself in three days. It was so unexpected. If you told us the day before we started working on the track that we were going to finish it in three days, we would’ve laughed,” they continue.

Listen to the Surrealist’s debut single “Self Spiral” below. The “Naked Awareness” EP will be released on September 17th, and another single taken from the release will be premiered on September 2nd.

1. Canvas Sky
2. Flowering Of Consciousness
3. Become Whales
4. Waves Of Naked Awareness

Self Spiral by The Surrealist


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Black Crown Initiate Reveals Full “Selves We Can Not Forgive” Album Details

The inescapable knowledge of inevitable impending physical death is but one burden of human consciousness. Consider the notion that awareness itself is a curse, a tool for knowing that nothing is truly knowable? What if the awareness of existence leads to the discovery that there is no existence, or if there is, it is impossible to ever describe?

A contemplative study of the mind, the spirit, and the nature of reality itself may seem incongruent with the trappings of heavy metal to the uninitiated casual observer. But those who descend into the darkest subterranean abyss of the art form’s most aggressive nihilism, only to soar under protection of a meditative cloak of aural pleasure, are those who may share in the progressive death metal of Black Crown initaite.

“Selves We Can Not Forgive,” the band’s sophomore album, is coming July 22nd, 2016 via eOne Music.

1. For Red Cloud
2. Sorrowpsalm
3. Again
4. Belie the Machine
5. Selves We Cannot Forgive
6. Transmit to Disconnect
7. Matriarch
8. Vicious Lives
9. Fallen Angel (vinyl bonus)

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OH. Releases New Album “Synemotion”

The Greek-American progressive rock/metal artist OH. released her second vinyl and digital album “Synemotion” on April 24th, 2015. The album is available for streaming below, and you can get your own copy over here. OH. comments:

“‘Synemotion’ is a journey through the complex emotional states we experience when we are overwhelmed by concerns and fears – escapist feelings in the song ‘Run Away,’ anger and frustration in ‘Rumpus’ – wanting to cower and hide in ‘Subterfuge’ – longing and nostaglia in ‘Elegy’ and the experience of disappointment and let-down in the song ‘Deception.’ Finally, letting go and receiving the feeling in the song ‘Reception’ – and the awareness and sensation of irony knowing it will all start over again in the ‘World of Warcraft.’

“The title track, ‘Synemotion,’ expresses in words this entire journey from pain and fear to release and hope. But most importantly the song uncovers how we cope with pain, fear, disappointment, depression, embarrassment and futility, it uncovers what actually happens to us, when we are overwhelmed by experience, and with a strange twist of perception, gifts the listener a path out of the darkness and despair, into an even more compelling and complex palette of emotions and sensations. The song gives hope and strength to walk through life even with wounds and disfigurement and have an even greater experience than before.

“I feel excited when I am initially making my music, but when I listen to the first draft, it reminds me of certain experiences that I have had personally – with people around me – circumstances, life itself and everything that has to do with daily things in life — this pain and anger and frustration – I want to resolve it and give an answer to this feeling. So while listening to my initial composition, what I do is pass through this feeling so I know what it is about and I know the story – so the listeners – myself included, can experience the feelings as a sound. I merge the total experience so it is a ‘known thing’ in my composition.

“By listening and experiencing this sound/feeling in my song, it comes to a resolution and we find peace – the sensations and emotions (synemotion) are resolved by passing through the sound of it and so essentially it gives hope – it’s not like all kinds of music – and is not to be confused with a psychological process – it’s just nice to make people get to know that none of their emotions…sensations and experiences..the ‘sounds’ are not permanent – they come and go..can be passed through as simply as passing through the rhythms and notes of a song – knowing they are not permanent …well this gives hope.”

Synemotion by OH.

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Dewfall Posts “Painful Death Lake” Music Video

Italy’s Dewfall has released a music video for the track “Painful Death Lake,” which can be seen below. The band also comments:

“Painful Death Lake, produced and directed by Alessandro Minenna (Sun Keeper Studio) is a symbolic and cryptic story of alchemy, magic and nature, death and life.

“The video shows a path of life (the old alchemyst walking different scenery) the ritual of transmutation (the passage of spirit and soul from the alchemyst body to the corpse) and it tells about the awareness of the soul to be damned to a sort of eternal existence (the band performing in the perennial ice).

“We summarize our life ‘concept’ in the last 3 lyrics lines in ancient Latin language: ‘Life is nothing but a grain of light in a vast space.'”

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Illogicist Streaming New Track "Perceptions From The Deceiving Memory"

Illogicist has posted a new song online titled “Perceptions From The Deceiving Memory,” which is taken off the band’s latest album “The Unconsciousness Of Living.” You can check out the song in the player provided below.

Perceptions From The Deceiving Memory by illogicist

The track listing for “The Unconsciousness Of Living” is as follows:

1. The Same Old Collision
2. Perceptions from a Deceiving Memory
3. A Defeated Suffering
4. The Awareness of a Neve Ending Fall
5. A Voiceless
6. Sounding Strain (Hypnotized)
7. Ghosts of Unconsciousness
8. Misery of a Profaned Soul
9. The Mind Reaper

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Illogicist Details New LP "The Unconsciousness Of Living," Seeks New Drummer

Italian technical death metal band Illogicist will release the third album “The Unconsciousness Of Living” in November 2011 through Willowtip Records. The track list and artwork are listed below.

The band is also seeking a new drummer to replace the departing Alessandro Tinti. Serious applicants are asked to email illogicist@illogicist.com or visit the band’s website.

The track listing for “The Unconsciousness Of Living” is as follows:

1. The Same Old Collision
2. Perceptions from a Deceiving Memory
3. A Defeated Suffering
4. The Awareness of a Neve Ending Fall
5. A Voiceless
6. Sounding Strain (Hypnotized)
7. Ghosts of Unconsciousness
8. Misery of a Profaned Soul
9. The Mind Reaper

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