Voice Of Ruin Parts Ways With Drummer

Voice Of Ruin just issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s long-time drummer:

“After more than 7 years (since the beginning of the band), our dear drummer Olivier has decided to put an end to his journey in Voice of Ruin. It came as a shock to us, especially to me, as we founded the band together with Nils in late 2008.

“As of today, Olivier has different goals than the rest of the band and he choose to step down rather than preventing the project to move on. As you can imagine, being in a band like Voice Of Ruin takes quite some time and requires a lot of sacrifices and dedication. We respect his decision as band members and above all as FRIENDS!

“We wish him all the best with his futur musical ventures. Be assured that we will stay in touch and maintain this friendship that we’ve nurtured for so many years! Meanwhile go check his rock band The Mudcats!

“We won’t cancel any show as Olivier will continue to fulfill his role as drummer until we find the right guy (thank you buddy). We already have a few guys interested by the gig and we will start the audition process next week. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to send us your application.
More updates soon!”

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Diabolus Arcanium Recruits New Guitarist And Bassist

Diabolus Arcanium checked in with this announcement about recruiting new members:

“The vacant position of rhythm guitarist/bassist has been closed. We received a few audition tapes/videos and in the end two people impressed us a lot, as you guys may already be aware that Abraxas is our new rhythm guitarist as announced today. Meanwhile, we uploaded the audition video of Abraxas playing. Watch his cover of ‘Kingdom of sin’ below.

“Diabolus Arcanium’s cover of Freezing moon now available for purchase and streaming. Also introducing our new bassist ‘Tormentor’ who has performed on this track.”

Freezing moon by Diabolus Arcanium

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Split Heaven Recruits New Vocalist Jason Conde-Houston

Mexican band Split Heaven has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new vocalist:

“We’re delighted to announce Jason Conde-Houston as our new singer and front man!! As soon as Jason told us he was interested on being part of Split Heaven, we knew it was him.

“Of course, we have heard him with his band Skelator before, but when he sent the audition and we listened what he did with ‘Danger Zone,’ we immediately stopped hearing other vocalists.

“We want to thank all singers who sent their demos, we got auditions from México, Spain and U.S.A and now, finally, we decided to have Jason as a part of the Split Heaven dynasty.”

Jason says: “It is an honor to announce that I am joining Split Heaven as their new singer. I have been a fan since 2010 when I heard their first album ‘Psycho Samurai.’ This does not mean the end of Skelator, I think this will make me a better musician and give both bands more connections around the globe.”

A video for the track “Waiting For The Angel Of Death” off the band’s previous album “The Devil’s Bandit” can also be seen below.

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The Ocean Recruits New Guitarist Damian Murdoch

The Ocean, which is out now with new album “Pelagial” (reviewed here), has checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a new guitar player:

“We’re happy to announce that Damian Murdoch will be our new guitarist for all upcoming shows and tours next year.

“32 years old, Australian born and bred but living in Vienna (and soon moving to Berlin), Damian is currently teaching guitar and playing songs with titles such as ‘The Final Absturz’ with his instrumental blues band, the Damian Murdoch Trio. We like that. He also surely knows how to play heavy stuff though. Here’s the vid that first caught our attention:

“And that’s the audition clip that made us invite him to Berlin to rehearse with us:

“And so we did, and found Damian to be not only a great guitar player who knew our stuff in and out, but also a fun dude to hang and drink with – and there we go, that’s it, decision made! Ocean 3.0 is now complete. Tour announcements coming up next week!”

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Imminent Sonic Destruction Recruits New Drummer Dan Chapa

Detroit-based prog-metal outfit Imminent Sonic Destruction has completed the search to replace drummer Pat DeLeon, who left the band earlier this year. After several auditions, the group has tapped Dan Chapa (Switchline, Rockstar) to be the new member of ISD.

Following a North American tour with Pain of Salvation and Kingcrow, Imminent Sonic Destruction began working on new music. The departure of DeLeon sidetracked this effort temporarily, and the band shifted focus to finding a new member who had the right mix of personality, humor and talent to take over the job. Chapa turned out to be all of those things, as well as an imposing physical specimen at 6’7″ tall.

“Dan showed up with a tiny kit and proceeded to blow us away with his rendition of our songs,” said guitarist and lead vocalist Tony Piccoli of the audition. “His technical ability, feel, sense of dynamics and showmanship are exactly what we were looking for. Right away, we all knew he was the guy to help us spread our own unique brand of Progressive Super Metal to the far corners of the globe. Which, interestingly, doesn’t have corners.”

Chapa had this to say: “I was honored to be asked to audition, and thankful to be chosen. This is a great group of people as well as great musicians. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get to work!”

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Unkempt Splits With Guitarist Jason Sims, Seeking Replacement

Florida metal act Unkempt has issued the following announcement about parting ways with the band’s guitarist:

“As those of you may know who were in attendance at our last show with Six Feet Under in Tampa, FL we recently congratulated our guitarist and dear friend Jason Sims on becoming a father-to-be to twins! We are all very happy for Jason and wife Heather for such great news and their future in becoming great parents to likely two very talented children.

“Unfortunately with this great news we regret to inform you all that Jason will be stepping down as a member of the Unnkempt family to uphold his responsibilities as both a father and husband. Jason will, without a doubt, be very sorely missed. Now for some good news for you, the reader. This open position needs someone to fill it…and it could be you.

“We are in search of someone who can fill some very large shoes and we are opening the audition process up to everyone. You will be screened personally by the band. If you do not fit the requirements, we appreciate your support but please do not submit a request for pre-screening. We want to bring our family, friends, and fans the music we pour our heart and souls into as soon as possible and to do so we have to streamline this process as best we can. We are an established band and LLC, which means we are a registered business with accounts payable and accounts receivable. Help us to keep the engine running and we will all see you in the pit very soon. Here you will find the requirements to what we need in order to be eligible for pre-screening and to be contacted personally by the band for an audition.

“Thank you all so much for supporting the music and all we do and good luck!”

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Kaledon Splits With Drummer David Folchitto

Kaledon has posted the following announcement online about parting ways with drummer David Folchitto:

“After more than 10 years, the band’s collaboration with David Folchitto is over. The separation is completely friendly, and Kaledon wish David all the best for his professional and private future.

“The band, which at the moment is putting the finishing touches to their best-of-album, will soon start auditions for a new drummer.

“Interested parties can contact the band on the mail contact@kaledon.com to receive information regarding the audition. Please send a picture and something to hear…”

You can also check out Kaledon’s music and find more information on the group by heading over to the band’s official Facebook profile.

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Road’s End Recruits New Member Varyen, Seeking Vocalist And Guitarist

Novy (former bassist of Behemoth and Vader) has recently recruited Against The Plagues’ drummer Varyen to help him complete the rhythm section of new band Road’s End. The band’s management issued the following statement:

“This is the first project that Novy has composed himself and he’s looking forward to having Varyen assist him in live situations. The two guys have known each other for a long time, having both grown up in the Polish Heavy Metal scene and have wanted to find a way to perform together.”

When asked about the direction of Road’s End, Novy described the material as “American style heavy metal with a European soul.”

To aid in completing the band’s line-up, on next Tuesday, Sept. 27th, Road’s End will begin the audition process for a permanent lead singer and lead guitarist. All pertinent details of the process will be found on Novy’s Facebook page here.

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LastDayHere Recruits New Drummer Zak Bevelaqua

LastDayHere has checked in with the following update about recruiting a new drummer:

“So here he is ladies and gentlemen! After having auditioned 4 very talented drummers, we have come to a group decision that Zak Bevelaqua will be the new drummer of LastDayHere!!! At the Audition Zak was very well prepared and played as if he had already been in the band for years. It was a perfect fit.

“We have since rehearsed with Zak and have been impressed with his technical skills, attitude, work ethic, and creative ideas. We are all very excited to have Zak on board with us and hope all of you will give him a warm welcome to the band!”

You can also check out a teaser for LastDayHere’s “A New Beginning” album by heading over to this location.

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Harakiri Auditioning Singers

HARAKIRI has begun auditioning replacements for
singer Matt Reese, who left the band in January. The group has
issued the following update:

“The search for a new vocalist is on. We’ve started the audition
process. We have some good candidates for sure. We’re hoping to
wrap this up fairly soon so if anyone out there, who hasn’t
contacted us already, is still interested in trying out get with us
asap. Or if you inquired about it but we didn’t get back to you,
message us again. Things were getting hectic there for a second and
I am afraid some emails may have been missed.

We are steadily progressing on the writing of the songs for the new
album (musically that is). We pretty much finished up another new
one yesterday. We’re anxious to get all this done and hit the
studio and play some shows.

Anyway, we’re alive and trying to push this forward as fast as we
can. Once a vocalist is decided upon we’ll throw up a demo track

Harakiri Auditioning Singers

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