Lyric Video For New Song “Serenade Of Slitting Throats” Premiered By Sicarius, New Album Artwork Exposed

Sicarius premiered the title track from the upcoming new album “Serenade of Slitting Throats” over at Invisible Oranges at this location or by simply pressing play in the player at the bottom. In addition, the band unveiled the artwork for the album (shown below).

“This is probably my favorite track on the album,” explains guitarist Argyris. “It just has everything in it — power, speed, violence, and atmosphere. It’s a very well-rounded hitter that I’m very proud of both on a musical standpoint and a lyrical one. It just flowed together on its own when I composed it. It made perfect sense to make it the flagship track of the album, and unleash it first as an appropriate means of showcasing where Sicarius is at first glance. It swallows you up in a wave of violence and grabs you by the throat and only relents at the end, which symbolizes the death of the quarry.”

“The lyric video was directed by David Thelen. I saw his work for the German band Attic and thought it was fantastic. His lyric videos are gritty yet well composed. We were kind of in a pinch and he was very kind to fit us into his schedule and delivered a great piece. He captured the vision that myself and album artist/designer Misanthropic Art had for the visual aspect. We couldn’t be happier.”

“Serenade of Slitting Throats” will be released via M-Theory Audio on Friday October 13th. The album can be pre-ordered now via the label shop over here and will be available on CD, as well as a limited edition old-school cassette with red shell (only 100 copies available) and exclusive t-shirt bundle options.

“I’m excited to finally be able to reveal the album artwork, as I’m sure Misanthropic Art is as well, as he’s been waiting patiently for the work he’s done for this album to come out,” tells Argyris. “I love working with Chris there because his visual conceptions are very dark and atmospheric, and he’s one of the easiest people to work with. When it came time to design the album I pretty much gave him free reign. I told him that I wanted the album art to FEEL like those classic 2nd wave black metal albums I grew up admiring. I think he nailed it. He listened to a few songs off the album and what he envisioned, he put ink to paper and we were honored by the end result.”

Produced by Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh), “Serenade of Slitting Throats” was recorded at Barracks Studio in Southern California. Expect a murderous, bloodthirsty and ultra-violent black metal assault paying homage to classic, black metal bands, like Mayhem, Bathory, Gorgoroth and Rotting Christ, yet also injecting a modern high-velocity method to delivering bludgeoning and savage music.

Check out the title track here:

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