Atanor Releasing Self-Titled EP

Iron Bonehead Productions has set October 14th as the international release date for Atanor’s self-titled debut EP. The label comments:

“A very new entity, Atanor surprisingly exhibit the finesse and elan of veterans on Atanor. Its four stout, surging tracks bustle and burrow with an indefinable intensity, sweeping the expanse of black metal history whilst betraying no clear-cut influences.

“There is just as much muscle as there is mysticism in Atanor’s soundworld, and each of those four tracks are aptly titled to convey the magnitude of their vision: chronologically ‘Storms of Black Fire,’ ‘Fires of Death,’ ‘Mystical Rays of Darkness,’ and ‘Revelations.’ Moving from one to the next, a certain totality emerges across Atanor that instills visions much like its striking cover art – etheric yet dense, sanguine but from an unknown source, palpable but painfully out of reach.

“Altogether, it’s a bewitching spell, and one that enraptures further with each successive spin. Atanor are the ancients’ rebirth, and the cauldron has only just begun to stir…”

1. Storm of Black Fire
2. Fires of Death
3. Mystical Rays of Darkness
4. Revelations


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