New Lyric Video “Savages” Posted By Cranely Gardens

New Jersey crushers Cranely Gardens has released the lyric video for “Savages,” a track from new release “House of Decay.” The video was created by the band’s own Joe Fedele and can be devoured in the player below.

“House of Decay” is out now and can be purchased and/or streamed in its entirety at this location.

Drawing influence from deathcore, metalcore, the new wave of American heavy metal, black, death, thrash and nu-metal, Cranely Gardens blends these various ends of the spectrum together to form their particular style. The band consists of Chaz Macklin on vocals, Randy Mac and Joe Fedele on guitar, Alex Niszczak on bass, and Victor Figueroa behind the drums. The band independently released the debut EP, “Locust Valley,” in 2015. On August 11 of this year, the seven-song EP “House of Decay” was self-released with the assistance of Ghostship Recordings.

“House of Decay” shows a much darker and more technical effort than the previous EP, and features guest musicians Chad Ruhlig (For the Fallen Dreams), Dan Watson (Enterprise Earth), Sims Cashion, Will Ramos (A Wake in Providence), and Josh Frazier (Narrow Vision).

Check out the clip for “Savages” here:

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Raven Drummer Joe Hasselvander To Miss Shows Due To Health Issue

NWOBHM group Raven has hit a slight snag in live activity, releasing the following tour update to fans:

“So… life can (and does) throw the occasional ‘mother’ of a curve ball…. Due to a sudden serious health issue, our drummer Joe ‘the Baron’ Hasselvander will unfortunately be unable to play with us on our current and upcoming dates.

“As you can imagine, the health and well being of our good mate & partner in mayhem is paramount in importance. However in order to meet our obligations to our fans, we will still be playing all upcoming shows with the assistance of some amazing fill-in drummers who have stepped up to the plate to help the show go on.

“Thursday in Chicago, Jimmy Mess from Tattooed Millionaires will do the honors, and the shows this weekend on the East Coast we are extremely honored to have Fear Factory drummer, and all around Metal legend Mike Heller behind the kit. And for the European tour, Kill Ritual drummer Dave Chedrick will do the honors.

“Please join with us in wishing Joe best wishes and a speedy recovery. We’ll see you this weekend.”

Thursday, May 18th Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago
Friday, May 19th Dingbatz, Clifton NJ.
Saturday, May 20 Fish Head Cantina, Halethorpe MD
Sunday, May 20 Bar XIII Wilmington DE

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Vincent Castiglia Crowd Funding New Documentary About His Art

World-renowned surrealist Vincent Castiglia (whose work has graced many a metal album cover) will be working with award-winning Filmmaker John Borowski on an official biopic covering Vincent’s work, titled “Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia.”

Castiglia and Borowski need the assistance of fans in order to support this production, which is why they’ve launched a crowd funding campaign that can be found here. The goal is to continue production in 2015 and complete the film in 2016. The following press release was also issued about the movie:

“The film focuses on artist Vincent Castiglia’s inspirations and personal experiences. His work is singularly unique. For over a decade, he has painted exclusively in his own blood. Recently, there have been many requests for his highly specialized paintings to be created for his collectors using their blood, so he has begun working on select projects (chronicled in the film).

“The film also examines Castiglia’s troubled past and his overcoming the odds to become a world-renowned, critically acclaimed artist. He’s had the distinction of receiving his first solo exhibition by personal invitation from the late master, H.R. Giger. The exhibition hung for six months in the Giger Museum Gallery in Switzerland. Featured in the film, for the first time ever, is the in-depth process by which Castiglia creates his artwork painted in human blood. Interviews with a wide range of collectors who own his work will also be featured.

“The funding being sought for the production of the film includes in-person interviews with collectors of Vincent Castiglia’s work across the US and throughout Europe. The funding will also be going toward several trips to New York City to interview Castiglia in his studio, as well as post-production costs and perk-fulfilment costs.”

The idea to produce the movie came about when Vincet Castiglia posted an online survey asking for feedback regarding whether or not a reality show on his work was of interest to his followers, to which John Borowski replied: “You deserve better than a reality show that is sensational for a short time period but forgotten in the long run. You deserve a feature documentary film highlighting your life and the reasons behind why you create your art. A film will stand the test of time.”

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Sunn O))) Posts Teaser For Scott Walker Collaboration “Soused”

“Soused,” the collaborative record by Scott Walker and Sunn O))), is due for release on October 21st, and you can now hear a teaser trailer below.

Recorded in London in early 2014 and produced by Scott Walker and long-time ally Peter Walsh with the assistance of musical director Mark Warman, “Soused” is a 5-track, 50-minute body of work.

The artwork was designed by SunnO)))’s Stephen O’Malley and features photography by Gast Bouschet. Pre-orders are available at this location. The track listing is:

1. Brando
2. Herod 2014
3. Bull
4. Fetish
5. Lullaby

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Cradle Of Filth Streaming Full “Total Fucking Darkness” Demo Re-Issue

Decibel Magazine is currently hosting a stream of “Total Fucking Darkness” (reviewed here), the third demo from U.K. extreme metal miscreants, Cradle of Filth, which was just re-issued with bonus material. You can listen in to the full release below.

The grim revival of “Total Fucking Darkness” was directed by vocalist Dani Filth, former guitarist Paul Ryan (currently of The King Is Blind) and Cacophonous Records founder, Frater Nihil, who first signed Cradle Of Filth.

Given new life at Turan Studio in Oxford with the assistance of engineer Tim Turan, “Total Fucking Darkness” comes available as a digipak CD and double gatefold LP via Mordgrimm. For more info on the release, check out our in-depth interview with Dani Filth right here.

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Mist Of Misery Streaming “Temple Of Stilled Voices” EP

Mist Of Misery has issued the following announcement about streaming the band’s latest EP online:

“We have come to the decision to release our EP ‘Temple Of Stilled Voices’ without the assistance of Scarecrow Music Group. The EP is now available on youtube for anyone who wants to hear it.”

Check out “Bleak Autumn” and “Temple of Stilled Voices” below, or hear the rest of the tracks off the release at the band’s YouTube page.

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Desecrated Sphere Streaming Full “Emancipate” Album

Brazilian death metal band Desecrated Sphere has released new album “Emancipate” via Eternal Hatred Records and Rapture Records in Brazil and Digmetalworld Records in North America. The full album is now available for streaming below or over at Bandcamp.

The album was recorded at Área Livre Studio, São Paulo, Brazil, by Tomaz Ribeiro with the assistance of the band members after they came back from a European tour in 2012. The mixing and mastering was done by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, in Germany.

1. Reconnective
2. Transcending Materialism
3. Departure from Flesh
4. Immeasurable Universes
5. Linking Opposites (Demystifying Ormuzd and Ahriman)
6. Humanufactory
7. Urzustand
8. Source of Disassociation
9. (Re)Wake
10. Leaders of Babylon
11. Eçá



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Acrimonious Streaming New Song "The Hollow Wedjat" Online

“The Hollow Wedjat,” the 5th track from Acrimonious’ upcoming full-length album entitled “Sunyata,” is available for streaming now through the player below. The following press release was also issued about the album:

“Typhonian occult metallers Acrimonious return with with a new rock-influenced and ritual-driven black metal release, wrapped in a classic heavy metal feeling. The band’s second full-length album entitled Sunyata is due to be released on Agonia Records on the 28th November in Europe and 5th February in the USA.

“The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Sitra Ahra and Unreal Studios with the assistance of Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Adorior, Ondskapt, Destroyer 666). It will be available as digital download, CD/LP with booklet and limited to 100 copies splatter vinyl with 20 page booklet including an A2 poster. The album can be pre-ordered at this location.

“Acrimonious is recommended for fans of old Mayhem, early Morbid Angel, Dissection, Necrovore, old Slayer, Mortuary Drape, Nifelheim, Malign and Iron Maiden.”

ACRIMONIOUS – The Hollow Wedjat by Agonia Records

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Acrimonious Announces New Album "Sunyata"

Typhonian occult metallers Acrimonious return with with a new rock-influenced and ritual-driven black metal release. The band’s second full-length album, entitled “Sunyata,” is due to be released through Agonia Records on the November 27th in Europe/UK and February 5th, 2013 in North America.

Check out the song “Glory-Crowned Son of the Thousand-Petalled Lotus” (which the band states is best heard in HD mode) through the player below. “Sunyata” comes with front cover artwork from Kyle Fite and Vampress Imperium, which is pictured below. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Sitra Ahra and Unreal Studios with the assistance of Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Adorior, Ondskapt, Destroyer 666).

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The Silent Rage Recruits New Drummer Stamatis "Revan" Katsafados

Nikos Siglidis of Greek act The Silent Rage has checked in with the following announcement about the band recruiting a new drummer:

“Dear Friends,

“We would like to announce that Stamatis ‘Revan’ Katsafados is the new drummer of The Silent Rage. Stamatis is also a member of Mythraal (heavy metal with female vocals) & Diablery (black metal).

You can see a picture of Stamatis here. We would like to thank Stelios Pavlou for his assistance as a session drummer and wish him all the best in his great journey of music. Some shows are going to be announced soon so stay tuned!”

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