Bloodbath Completes Work On New Album; Promises Special Guests

Death metal supergroup Bloodbath has revealed that they have completed work on their new studio album. A message from the band’s Facebook reads as follows:

“The new album is officially DONE and the master is now leaving us and heading to Peaceville! Curious about the artwork? The album title? The song titles? The number of songs on the album? The release date? The formats? The line-up? The sound and production? The fuckin’ legendary featured guests? Watch this space….”

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Primordial Reveals New Album Title And Artwork

Irish extreme metal veterans Primordial has announced that the title of their forthcoming new studio album will be, “Exile Amongst The Ruins.” The group has also revealed the artwork for the record, which can be seen below. As of yet, no tracklisting or release date has been confirmed, though a short message on the Primordial facebook page read:

“The artwork for our new album, “Exile Amongst The Ruins” has just been released! Take a look…..the time is getting closer and closer for it’s release! how are you all feeling about it!?”

This will be the band’s first album in four years, following 2014’s, “Where Greater Men Have Fallen.”

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Asphodelos Debut New Song From Upcoming Album & Reveal Album Details

This week the debut album of the Thuringian death metallers Asphodelos will be released. „The Five Rivers Of Erebos” will contain 6 tracks with a playing time of 32 minutes. Today the band has released the song “Crowns Are Inherited, Kingdoms Are Earned” streaming below.

The album was recorded and produced by Norman Wille in the Hörsturz Studio, while the artwork was done by Roberto Toderico.

1. Θάλαττα μελασος Πυρος
2. Crowns Are Inherited, Kingdoms Are Earned
3. Carnage
4. As We Open The Gate
5. Typhon
6. Nothingness

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Pestilence: Cover Artwork For “Hadeon” Cancelled Due To Copyright Infringement

Pestilence and Hammerheart Records just issued the following announcement, concerning the artwork for the band’s upcoming new release “Hadeon”:

“Last week we proudly presented the artwork for “Hadeon”, the new album by legendary Death Metal band Pestilence.
This, in itself, fantastic artwork was created by Triple Seis, a company specialized in artwork for Metal bands (they did many artwork related things before we contacted them) based in Ecuador.
In the past months Patrick Mameli shared his thoughts on what “Hadeon” needed to look like when put into art, and Triple Seis created it.
Hammerheart Records made a contract and paid a pretty decent amount of money to become the owner of this artwork, so we could use it for all releases and products we wanted to use it on/for.
We were very pleased on how this turned out…
Upon its publication we started to receive messages that several parts of this artwork were stolen and copied into this design.

The messages were not merely rumours, but they were true…
We were shocked when we were shown how obviously and without shame this was done, we were left in disbelief.
Both Hammerheart Records and Pestilence had never experienced anything like this before, and we find it totally objectionable.
We hereby declare that we have to cancel this artwork, we sincerely apologize to all the people/companies whose artwork was used without permission.
We did not know this and we would never ever support this.
We like to make it 100% clear that we do not support any of these “work” ethics done by Triple Seis and have returned the artwork to them in full and we will remove all announcements and links related to this artwork to the best of our abilities.
Needless to say that this effects our hard work, we are not finished yet for a release of “Hadeon”.
We need to switch to solving this problem.
“Hadeon” will see the light of day, the release date is still March 2018.
We will not give in and continue our journey to World Domination in 2018.
We find great consolation in the support of the Pestilence-legions supporting us worldwide , thanks a lot !!!
As soon as we have the new artwork to show we will make an announcement.

Patrick Mameli, Pestilence
Guido Heijnens, management Pestilence, Hammerheart Records”

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Trailer For Debut Album “Berserker” Issued By Beast In Black

Finland’s Beast In Black, the band led by former Battle Beast guitarist Anton Kabanen, issued an album trailer for the debut “Berserker.” The album is due out in November 3rd via Nuclear Blast Records. The trailer focuses on the artwork created by Roman Ismailov (Battle Beast).

“Berserker” was produced by Anton Kabanen and recorded primarily at his home studio – Sound Quest Studio. The band features Wardrum vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos and ex-U.D.O. guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen among its ranks. A video clip for the new song “Blind and Frozen” can be seen below.

The track listing for “Berserker” here:

1. Beast in Black
2. Blind and Frozen
3. Blood of a Lion
4. Born Again
5. Zodd the Immortal
6. The Fifth Angel
7. Crazy, Mad, Insane
8. Hell for All Eternity
9. Eternal Fire
10. Go to Hell
11. End of the World
12. Ghost in the Rain

Check out the trailer here:

Check out the video clip for “Blind and Frozen” here:

Check out the band’s other trailer focusing on the formation of the band here:

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New Single, Details On Debut Album Posted By Hyperion

Italian power metal act Hyperion has posted the artwork and track listing for the debut album “Dangerous Days,” coming November 22nd via Fighter Records. The band is also streaming the album’s title track, which you can check out in the player below.

“Dangerous Days” will contain 8 songs (45 min.). Production and mastering were assembled as to recreate the pure, classic, typical heavy metal sound of the 80’s in the vein of bands like Judas Priest, Annihilator, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth.

The artwork (shown below) was painted by Australian artist Alex Reies, who originally entitled it “The Lord and the Colonel.” The track listing is as follows:

1. Ultimatum
2. Dangerous Days
3. Incognitus
4. Ground and Pound
5. Forbidden Pages
6. The Killing Hope
7. The Grave of Time
8. Hyperion

Check out “Dangerous Days” here:

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Heavy Music Artwork Announces “Arte Divina” Book Release

The sixth issue of Heavy Music Artwork is now up for pre-order via IndieGogo along with a special extra book being funded via the campaign titled “Arte Divina.” The Heavy Music Artwork crew comments:

“This campaign covers two releases: the ‘Arte Divina’ book, a collection of fine art, and Heavy Music Artwork’s 6th installation: ‘Fire & Fantasy.’ The ‘Arte Divina’ book showcases artists talent and philosophy.

“Centered around the concept of creation, therefore, art can be regarded as an act of divinity. Heavy Music Artwork magazine is the 6th issue and is centered around the concept of fantasy, imagination, and escapism.”

The “Arte Divina” book will feature artwork from Eliran Kantor, Dan Hillier, Daria Endresen, Arthur Berzinsh, and Tomasz Alen Kopera, with five more artists to be unveiled each week until a total of 40 are announced.

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Angel Vivaldi Announces “Synapse” Album Release

Angel Vivaldi’s new conceptual opus, “Synapse,” is now officially set for an October 6th release. “Synapse” consists of eight songs, each written for a specific brain chemical, which incites a different emotion.

For full immersion, the studio was painted eight times during the writing of each individual song in its associated color. Check out the clips below for a look at the artwork and brand new song “Dopamine” featuring Oli Herbert.

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New Album “Fragments Of Anger” Announced By Wreck-Defy, Shawn Drover To Guest

Canadian thrash act Wreck-Defy announced the impending release of “Fragments of Anger,” the new album coming via Alone Records on October 31st. The album features ex-Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover (Act Of Defiance/Eidolon).

“Fragments of Anger” is described as 43 minutes of classic thrash with intense riffing and melodic, yet aggressive vocals. It was produced, mixed and mastered by ex-Megadeth guitarist (and brother of Shawn) Glenn Drover.

Check out the artwork and album preview clip here:

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Twingiant Reveals New Album “Blood Feud”

Loud and heavy metal band Twingiant is pleased to announce the release of new album “Blood Feud” via Argonauta Records on October 13th, 2017. The band’s guitarist Nikos Mixas commented:

“We’re so excited to be on the verge of releasing our 3rd full-length album via Argonauta Records. We’ve put a lot of work and thought into the material, the production in addition to the artwork concept and we couldn’t be more proud of the result!

“During every step of the creation process for ‘Blood Feud,’ we took our time and we feel that we’re releasing our best effort yet by a longshot. In the past, we’ve been lumped into the stoner rock/metal/sludge scene, but that’s really not the case anymore, ‘Blood Feud’ may have some of those elements, but ultimately, it’s a metal album.”

You can pre-order “Blood Feud” over here. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Throttled
2. Poison Control Party Line
3. Ride the Gun
4. Re-Fossilized
5. Shadow of South Mountain
6. Formally Known As
7. Last Man Standing
8. Kaishakunin

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