Debut EP “Pillars” Announced By Apologoethia

Today, Invictus Productions set November 24th as the international release date for Apologoethia’s highly anticipated debut mini-album, “Pillars.”

Apologoethia was spawned way back in 2012 as a side-project of J.B. in order to develop some ideas that didn’t fit both musical and stylistically with his main band, Spain’s Graveyard. After an intense period of composition, the style that now exists as Apologoethia was born. Sometime in 2014, J.B. asked J.F. to lay down some drum patterns that would fit with the riffs, the tempos, and complement the overall feel, atmosphere, and vibe that the songs needed and demanded. With all the material already prepared, shaped, and sharpened, it was time to develop the conceptual side of the band, creating some lyrics that would fit with Apologoethia’s atmosphere and dark ‘n’ macabre approach. After a meticulous search, L.O. was brought into the band, knowing that his writing and conceptual skills would work perfectly with the band’s aesthetics and purposes.

Alas, what results is a hysteric-yet-nuanced plunge into the realms of madness. Exploring the dark side of human knowledge, an introspection through different cultural, ascetic, and religious approaches mankind explored throughout centuries past, Apologoethia here construct ceaselessly roiling monoliths of diabolical metal mania. Comprised of four equally treacherous labyrinths/songs, Pillars unfurls its mysteries with a perversely restless ease, pitching headlong from lumbering doom chunder into frothing, ferocious South American-styled chaos and often back again (or in reverse, or both), all of it betraying a boundless vision heeding the darkest energies coursing through heavy metal. Within, stretches of clean-toned tension crop up, deliriously setting the stage for further onslaught to commence.

Rounded out by rich ‘n’ robust production, Pillars marks a none-more-auspicious debut for a name that shall soon be spoken of far and wide: behold the birth of Apologoethia. The first Pillar to be revealed is “De Aeterno Praesentia,” which can be heard in the player below.

The cover and track listing are as follows:

1. Pillar I (De Fundamenta Spiritus)
2. Pillar II (De Humanae Natura)
3. Pillar III (De Absentiae Vitae)
4. Pillar IV (De Aeterno Praesentia)

Check out “Pillar IV (De Aeterno Praesentia)” here:

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