Haiduk Recording New Full-Length Album

Haiduk – the Calgary, AB one man thrashing black and death metal project fronted by Luka Milojica – is proud to announce his return to the studio to record a nine track follow-up album to 2012’s debut “Spellbook.”

The forthcoming release will be another concept “book” album with a strong underlying theme to each song and will see the creation and inclusion of a map based on a fantasy world of Haiduk’s themes.

The mixing and mastering will be done by Robert Kukla (Arbitrator) with album artwork done by Gragoth, both of whom previously worked on “Spellbook.” The album is set for a tentative release date during Summer 2015.

Luka Milojica comments: “Haiduk has only gotten darker, faster, and more pissed off! From a guitar standpoint the new riffs are busier and more intricate than ever. You’ll see many elements of ‘Spellbook’ here but also an evolution of the style towards ever-more bizarre, diabolical guitar work. The recording will focus on instrumental precision and creating a gloomy, blackened atmosphere to pull you into my dark fantasy world.”

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