Demonical Premiere Frst New Single “Towards Greater Gods”

Swedish brutal old-school death metal tyrants Demonical, will emerge with a brand new, fifth studio album titled “Chaos Manifesto”, on March 23rd in Europe and April 27th in North America via Agonia Records. Listen to the first single “Towards Greater Gods” on YouTube below:

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Absque Cor Premiere New Video For “To Co W Czlowieku Nieuniknione” From New Album “Wedrówke Haniebnie Zakonczyc”

A couple of weeks after the premiere of the debut album titled ‘Wedrówke Haniebnie Zakonczyc’, the enigmatic black metal project called Absque Cor presents an official video accompanying a track titled ‘To Co W Czlowieku Nieuniknione’. The video was directed and produced by the DR Silesia team who collaborate with acts like Furia, Arkona, or Stillborn.

The video can be watched via YouTube below:

In a brief comment, the founder of Absque Cor, Vos, clarifies the essence of both the track itself, and the whole album:

‘We’ll take you to a place where there is noting but doubt, denial of all values and devotion. It is a very dark place in which everything is infinite, or noting is finite. And each and every one of us will have to reach it in the end, now matter how, or how fast…’

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Strife Announces New Live DVD/Album “Live At The Troubadour” On Record Store Day

Strife has a new live DVD/album titled “Live At The Troubadour” set for release on the Black Friday ‘Record Store Day ‘, November 24th via WAR Records. The outing features a live set which was recorded at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA on February 05th, 2005.

The ‘Record Store Day‘ edition of the release will be limited to 500 copies, featuring the DVD packaged along with a red vinyl pressing. Pre-orders can be found at Songs performed on the effort include:

01 – “Waiting”
02 – “Grey”
03 – “Will To Die”
04 – “Untitled”
05 – “Rise Again”
06 – “Angel Wings”
07 – “Blistered”
08 – “Lift”
09 – “Through And Through”
10 – “Force Of Change”
11 – “What Will Remain”

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Neurosis’ Dave Edwardson & Krallice Team Up On New Album “Loüm”

Dave Edwardson (Neurosis’ bassist) teamed up with Krallice for a new album titled “Loüm“. Edwardson lends vocals and synths to this effort, which can be streamed/downloaded below. A new Krallice album titled “Go Be Forgotten is currently headed for a late November/early December release as well.

Loüm by Krallice with Dave Edwardson

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Dragonhammer Posts “Obscurity” Album Teaser

Today we’re another step towards October 27th, when the new Dragonahmmer album titled “Obscurity” will be available worldwide in physical and digital distribution via My Kingdom Music. Check out a teaser trailer below and stay tuned for a new lyric video to come online next week.

“Obscurity” is Dragonhammer’s 4th full-length album and the most direct and explosive of the career of one of the prime movers of the Italian power metal scene, thanks to a powerful and heavy production at Domination Studio, with mastering by Simone Mularoni. Pre-orders are online now at this location.

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Thy Art Is Murder Streaming Part 2 Of Studio Video Series For The Making Of “Dear Desolation”

Thy Art Is Murder has begun a new series of webisodes documenting the making of the band’s forthcoming fourth studio album titled “Dear Desolation”. Nuclear Blast Entertainment will release that album on August 18th.

Check out now “Chapter 2: Stories of Desolation” below.

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In Tormentata Quiete Posts “Finestatico” Teaser

On June 16th, the new In Tormentata Quiete album titled “Finestatico” will be available through worldwide physical and digital distribution via My Kingdom Music. A teaser trailer has come online below, featuring clips from an impending music video for the song “R136a1” directed by Eugenia Trotta.

“Finestatico” is In Tormentata Quiete’s 4th full-length album and, with a direct and strongly metal production (thanks to the work done at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni), it will be a journey into the most avant garde, extreme, and theatrical vision of the band yet.

1. Zero
2. Sole
3. R136a1
4. Eta Carinae
5. Sirio
6. RR Lyrae
7. Demiurgo

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Holocausto Canibal Premieres Full-Album Stream Of New Release “Catalepsia Necrótica: Gonorreia Visceral Reanimada”

Portuguese death/grind band Holocausto Canibal decided to re-interpret and re-record the songs of its first demo “oPus I” and its debut album “Gonorreia Visceral”, and the result in this 20th year of the band’s existence is this new album titled “Catalepsia Necrótica: Gonorreia Visceral Reanimada” streaming below.

Check it out in its entirety below.

Comments bassist and founding member Z. Pedro on this new release:

“This re-recording and reinterpretation with today’s line-up and technologies is something that we couldn’t even think about when this first songs were wrote. If someone told us back then that someday we would be touring America or Europe, like we did in the last few years, we would probably laugh ourselves off, but the reality is that we’re still here, trying to bring you the feeling of the 90’s Oporto extreme metal scene that we all love and grew with and playing the same style we choose in our first rehearsal ever: Death Gore Grind.”

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Crohm Signs With Sliptrick To Release “Humanity”

Italian metal band Crohm has inked a deal with Sliptrick Records to release “Humanity” on March 21st, 2017. Sliptrick comments:

“The original line-up dates back to 1986-88 and after splitting up for 26 years, the band re-grouped once again to start playing live shows and finally release first album, ‘Legend and Prophecy,’ in 2015. The momentum has continued and now the band is ready with a brand new album titled ‘Humanity,’ which will be released through Sliptrick Records next month. Never quit, never surrender!”

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Witheria Posts New Song “Paradox Of Hope”

Finnish metal group Witheria has wrapped up work on a new full-length album titled “Infinite Recollection,” which is due out later this year.

An advance song just came online, and the band commented: “Let’s start 2017 with a track off the upcoming album ‘Infinite Recollection.’ So here’s ‘Paradox of Hope.’ Enjoy!”

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