New Album “Evocation II – Pantheon” Issued By Eluveitie

Eight years after melodic death/folk metal masters Eluveitie released the acoustic album “Evocation I,” the Swiss musicians have stored their electronic instruments again in the rehearsal room. “Evocation II – Pantheon” will be released August 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. The album marks the debut for new members: Matteo Sisti (bagpipes/whistles), Alain Ackermann (drums), Jonas Wolf (guitars), Michalina Malisz (hurdy gurdy) and Fabienne Erni (vocals/harps/mandola).

Last week, the band unleashed first new song “Epona” (check it out below) and provoked some euphoric fan reactions. To guide you even deeper into the world of “Evocation II – Pantheon” and the new track, the band now unveils an info video about the background story and singer Chrigel explains who “Epona” is. Watch that clip at the bottom.

“We’re super happy and proud to present you ‘Epona’ – the first single of our upcoming album ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’!” states front man Chrigel Glanzmann. “The song is an ode to the riding goddess queen of the Celtic pantheon! And this not only lyrically. Also musically, for even though ‘Epona’ is an acoustic track, the song surges ahead with verve, power and speed and dashes like a galloping horse! It is a good song to give you a first glimpse of the raw, wild, honest, very folky and thoroughly celtic character of ‘Evocation II – Pantheon’!”

The track listing for “Evocation II – Pantheon” is:

1. Dureððu
2. Epona
3. Svcellos II (Sequel)
4. Nantosvelta
5. Tovtatis
6. Lvgvs
7. Grannos
8. Cernvnnos
9. Catvrix
10. Artio
11. Aventia
12. Ogmios
13. Esvs
14. Antvmnos
15. Tarvos II (Sequel)
16. Belenos
17. Taranis
18. Nemeton

Check out “Epona” here:

Check out the promo clip “The Story Of Epona” here:

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Eluveitie Begins Revealing New Band Members

Two weeks ago, folk metal superstars Eluveitie announced that the group’s new lineup was finally set, but no names were officially announced at that time.

New and old band members will be presented little by little with wanted posters, videos, and interviews at the revamped Eluveitie website.

The complete lineup will be unveiled on by January, just before the band’s own festival Eluveitie & Friends will take place at Z7, in Pratteln, Switzerland.

A few names have come out early however, and now the band has confirmed that Alain Ackermann is officially taking over drum duties. A fan question and answer session can be seen at his Facebook profile.

Rafael Salzmann and Jonas Wolf have also been confirmed as Eluveitie’s guitarists. Stay tuned for more band member confirmations coming soon.

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