Fleshgod Apocalypse To Film Live DVD In September

Italian symphonic death metal band Fleshgod Apocalypse has announced that their free show in Perugia, Italy will now take place on September 22nd, 2018. The band will be filming the concert (incl. special acts & surprises) for an upcoming DVD release. More details will be revealed soon!

Frontman Francesco Paoli commented:
“Sadly, after being seriously robbed in Gothenburg a few weeks ago, we were forced to postpone our show at the Afterlife Live Club in Perugia by a few months. The new date is set for September 22nd, with free entrance. As you know, the show will be recorded for our first live DVD. It will be a unique and unrepeatable experience, featuring many guests, a real string quintet and more surprises so…don’t miss it! Thanks so much for the huge support you’ve been showing us!”

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Crescent Premiere New Song “Beyond the Path of Amenti” From Upcoming New Album “The Order of Amenti”

Egypt’s blackened death metal band Crescent premiere a new song entitled “Beyond the Path of Amenti”, taken from their upcoming new album “The Order of Amenti”, which will be out in stores February 9th, 2018 via Listenable Records.

Check out now “Beyond the Path of Amenti” below.

Explains the band:

“The heart and soul of The Order of Amenti album resides in the “Beyond the Path of Amenti” track. It represents the key features of the whole album in what it holds of melodies, hooks and aggression. The track unfolds the visions of the afterlife and the grandeur of the Egyptian afterlife mythology encompassed in the divinity and might of the great Anubis. The Hieroglyphs on the walls illustrate the path of death and resurrection, for nothing is as certain as the inevitable justice. We take pride in using, for the first time in metal history, full sentences and verses in real spoken hieroglyphs representing Anubis’ speech! “Beyond the Path of Amenti” is the first part of a trilogy that wholly forms a lyrical epic and musical journey.”

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Video Clip For New Song “Joy Through Death” Posted By Grave Pleasures

Finnish apocalyptic post-punk quintet Grave Pleasures released a video clip for the new song “Joy Through Death.” The song appears on the sophomore release, “Motherblood,” coming September 29th via Century Media Records. Check out the video in the player below.

Mat McNerney quotes from The Bhagavad Gita: “For all things born in truth must die, and out of death in truth comes life. Face to face with what must be, cease thou from sorrow. Invisible before birth are all beings and after death invisible again. They are seen between two unseens. Why in this truth find sorrow?… “

The track list is:

1. Infatuation Overkill (see video here)
2. Doomsday Rainbows
3. Be My Hiroshima
4. Joy Through Death
5. Mind Intruder
6. Laughing Abyss
7. Falling For An Atom Bomb
8. Atomic Christ
9. Deadenders
10. Haunted Afterlife

Check out “Joy Through Death” here:

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Mountains Crave Releasing New Album “As We Were When We Were Not”

Leeds quintet Mountains Crave at last presents debut album, “As We Were When We Were Not,” which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rob Hobson at Silent City studios and will drop May 13th.

Featuring guest appearances by members of Undersmile, “As We Were When We Were Not” sees Mountains Crave expanding on the blueprint laid down with previous eponymous EP, incorporating disparate influences from Pink Floyd to Wolves in the Throne Room.

Inspired by Aldous Huxley’s 1962 lecture on visionary experience, the album explores themes such as spiritual enlightenment, death and the afterlife, and man’s kinship and subsequent alienation from the universe.

1. Ynisvitrin
2. Istigkeit (We Saw Them Of Old)
3. Clear Light Of The Void
4. Arise O Magnificent Sun
5. As We Were When We Were Not
6. Theophany

As We Were When We Were Not by Mountains Crave

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Afterlife Streaming New EP “Vicious Cycle”

Florida’s alt-metal crew Afterlife released debut EP “Vicious Cycle” today (February 3rd) via Stay Sick Recordings. All the EP’s track have also come online for streaming today and can be heard below.

The band will announce tour plans soon, but for now, listen to “Vicious Cycle” below and get a taste of what Afterlife are all about. The track listing is as follows:

1. Anthem
2. Pain and Pleasure
3. Vicious Cycle
4. Fading Away
5. Catalyst

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Afterlife Posts “Pain & Pleasure” Music Video

Florida alt metallers Afterlife just released a video for “Pain & Pleasure.” Watch the arresting visuals and hear the unforgettable track below.

“Vicious Cycle,” the band’s debut EP for Stay Sick Recordings, is due out February 3rd and a video for the title track can be seen at this location.

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The Funeral Portrait Streaming Full New “A Moment Of Silence” Album

After we premiered the “Like Father Like Son” music video, Atlanta group The Funeral Portrait is now streaming full new album “A Moment of Silence,” which is set for release, tomorrow, December 16th.

Recorded / mixed by Matt McClellan at Glow in The Dark Studios in Atlanta, GA and mastered by Kristofer Crummett, “A Moment of Silence” displays a more dangerous and honest side of The Funeral Portrait, telling the story of one man’s journey through the afterlife.

Guitarist/vocalist Landstrom explains: “In this universe there is eternity after death, but there is no god and there is no heaven. This man has been told his entire life that when he died, he would be greeted by God at the gates of heaven. Now he must drift and observe, waiting for the truth to reveal itself.”

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AfterLife Premieres Title Track Of Upcoming New EP “Vicious Cycle”

West Palm Beach, Florida’s AfterLife premieres the title track of the band’s upcoming new EP “Vicious Cycle”, which will be out in stores on February 03rd via Stay Sick Recordings.

Check out now “Vicious Cycle” below.

Comments frontman Tyler Levenson:

“‘Vicious Cycle‘ is an EP we are very excited to release to the world, since collectively over the past year, we have been building and sculpting what is now called Afterlife into what we believe is our most authentic form of music. We are incredibly excited to announce our signing with Stay Sick Recordings and we firmly believe that them and our management team will bring Afterlife to the next level. Growing up, I was heavily influenced by alternative rock and the aggression and emotion that the singers showed in their songs. With ‘Vicious Cycle,’ you will be able to hear and feel exactly what I was going through when the songs were written. It touches base on real life issues like depression, betrayal, love and hate, realization, hope, and the many other feelings we deal with everyday.”

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The Funeral Portrait Posts “The Water Obeyed The Gravity” Music Video

Atlanta’s Theatricore unit The Funeral Portrait (Revival Recordings) blends elements of rock and roll, heavy metal, and a pop sensibility to paint stories of love, loss, anger, and grief.

Today the band is thrilled to announced brand new album, “A Moment of Silence,” is due out December 16th, 2016. This will be the group’s debut full-length album featuring 13 tracks including, “The Water Obeyed The Gravity,” which can be heard through the video below.

Vocalist Lee Jennings comments: “We went into recording ‘A Moment Of Silence’ trying to display a more dangerous and honest side of The Funeral Portrait. Everything on this record is real and played from the heart.”

Lead guitarist Juergie echoes: “‘A Moment of Silence’ is a story that explores one man’s journey through the afterlife. In this universe there is eternity after death, but there is no god and there is no heaven. This man has been told his entire life that when he died, he would be greeted by God at the gates of heaven. Now he must drift and observe, waiting for the truth to reveal itself.”

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Concrete Reveals The “Chambers Of Afterlife”

Bulgarian metal band Concrete has a new track online for streaming (listen in below) and the band also comments:

“Listen to another single from the upcoming ‘Chambers Of Afterlife’ full-length below, which will be out in September, more details on that soon. Cheers and greets to Playground studio Varna, Bulgaria and the art of Angel Angelov.

“The song is called ‘Necroenzyme’ and will show you why the End is sometimes a new Beginning… Lyrics available in the description at YouTube.”

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