MaYaN Posts New Video, “Dhyana” Online

MaYaN have released a video for the title track of their upcoming Dhyana album, out on September 21st via Nuclear Blast. Watch the clip below, and pre-order the album here.

Dhyana: the moment when the individual mind is absorbed by the heart and melts with the universal mind.

Through his musical contributions in Epica, After Forever and MaYaN, Mark Jansen has introduced another piece of knowledge, spirituality and mystery into the Dutch metal scene. For the third time since their inception in 2010, the now 10-piece symphonic death metal band has joined forces for a new album, and their latest opus Dhyana is set to lift them to an entirely new level.

Mastermind Mark Jansen states: “We have worked with all our energy, efforts and passion to create a remarkable album. “Dhyana” (which means the moment when the mind gets absorbed by the heart) makes us all very proud and we can’t wait for it to be released. With the support of our loyal fans worldwide we were able to record the album with the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Because of this and also producer Joost van den Broek’s know-how and enormous motivational drive we were able to meet the high standards of the best productions of today. It’s needless to say that we are extremely excited!!!”

The concept of this third full-length release reflects on conceptual themes such as being self-aware of our thoughts and relinquishing our egos and self-conceited tendencies to finding out who we truly are.


1. The Rhythm Of Freedom
2. Tornado Of Thoughts – I Don’t Think Therefore I Am
3. Saints Don’t Die
4. Dhyana
5. Rebirth From Despair
6. The Power Process
7. The Illusory Self
8. Satori
9. Maya – The Veil Of Delusion
10. The Flaming Rage Of God
11. Set Me Free

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DVD Footage – “Paranoid” – Posted By Black Sabbath, “The End” DVD/Blue-Ray Details Posted

Black Sabbath released live DVD/Blue-Ray footage for “Paranoid,” which you can enjoy in the player below. The footage will be featured on the new live album/DVD/Blu-Ray release “The End,” which drops on November 17th via Eagle Rock/Eagle Vision. Pre-order packages are available over at this location.

“The End” is a celebration of Black Sabbath’s final hometown concert at Birmingham’s Genting Arena on February 4th, 2017.

The track listing for the release is:

Blu-ray & DVD:

1. Black Sabbath
2. Fairies Wear Boots
3. Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes
4. After Forever
5. Into The Void
6. Snowblind
7. Band Intros
8. War Pigs
9. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
10. Bassically / N.I.B.
11. Hand Of Doom
12. Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalomania
13. Rat Salad / Drum Solo
14. Iron Man
15. Dirty Women
16. Children Of The Grave
17. Paranoid

Extras (The Angelic Sessions):

1. The Wizard
2. Wicked World
3. Sweet Leaf
4. Tomorrow’s Dream
5. Changes

CD 1:

1. Black Sabbath
2. Fairies Wear Boots
3. Under The Sun / Every Day Comes And Goes
4. After Forever
5. Into The Void
6. Snowblind
7. Band Intros
8. War Pigs
9. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
10. Bassically / N.I.B.

CD 2:

1. Hand Of Doom
2. Supernaut / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Megalomania
3. Rat Salad / Drum Solo
4. Iron Man
5. Dirty Women
6. Children Of The Grave
7. Paranoid

Check out “Paranoid” here:

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Pagan Altar Unveils Final Album “The Room Of Shadows”

NWOBHM / doom band Pagan Altar will release long-awaited final album, “The Room of Shadows,” on CD, cassette, and vinyl through Temple Of Mystery Records on August 24th, 2017. The label comments:

“Pagan Altar is one of the most complete and mystical bands to have emerged from the NWOBHM movement. Mixing ’70s proto-doom elements with English folk, hard rock and heavy metal, the band wrote some of the most grandiose songs of the genre on the sinister ‘Volume 1’ and more recently, ‘Lords of Hypocrisy’ and ‘Mythical & Magical’ – influencing a whole generation of doom-obsessed fanatics.

“Originally written 13 years ago, ‘The Room of Shadows’ has gone through various shapes until finally being completed two years after the tragic passing of beloved frontman Terry Jones, who had been bravely battling cancer for a year prior. This album is not only Pagan Altar’s last record, it also Terry’s very last vocal performance, and picks up where ‘Mythical & Magical’ left off.

“Admirers of previous works will be pleased to hear that this album is just as timeless, with its epic hard-rocking riffs and enchanting, poetic macabre lyrics of olde. And thus closes the Pagan Altar legacy, which will be with us after forever…”

1. Rising of the Dead
2. Portrait of Dorian Gray
3. Danse Macabre
4. Dance of the Vampires
5. The Room of Shadows
6. The Ripper
7. After Forever

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My Propane Posts “Waves” Music Video

Dutch band My Propane just released brand new single “Waves,” which is accompanied by a music video shot during the recording session. The video introduces new guitarist Jord Otto (Revamp) and marks a new direction for the band, with a no-nonsense and aggressive sound. “Waves” will be available on all digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc).

“Waves” is the first work released since the band’s debut album “Modern Violent Gentleman” (2013) and is again produced by partner in crime Joost Van Den Broek (Epica, After Forever, Mayan).

My Propane is further scheduled to enter the studio with him later this summer to record a second full-length album. The new album is scheduled for release in early 2017.

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New Music Video “Pride” Issued By Stryper

California Christian metal pioneers Stryper released a new music video for the track “Pride.” The song appears on the band’s new album “Fallen,” which was issued last Friday via Frontiers Music srl.

The track listing for Fallen is:

1. Yahweh
2. Fallen (track streaming here)
3. Pride
4. Big Screen Lies
5. Heaven
6. Love You Like I Do
7. All Over Again
8. After Forever (Black Sabbath Cover)
9. ‘Till I Get What I Need
10. Let There Be Light (song streaming here)
11. The Calling
12. King Of Kings

Check out “Pride” here:

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Title Track Of New LP “Fallen” Streaming From Stryper

California Christian metal pioneers Stryper are back to reclaim the throne in the hard rock/heavy metal world with the latest song from their upcoming 9th studio album “Fallen.” The title track can be heard in the player below.

The original lineup comprised of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitars), Oz Fox (guitars), Tim Gaines (bass) and Robert Sweet (drums) return with an album of all new material showcasing the musicianship that garnered them a huge fan base in the mainstream world and the Christian market. From the opening choral refrains of “Yahweh” to the signature vocal scream at the end of “King Of Kings,” it is apparent that Stryper is back with the heaviest and most inspired work to date that is scheduled for release on October 16th via Frontiers Music SRL.

“Fallen” is available for pre-order via digital retailers and can be ordered via iTunes at this location and via AmazonMP3 over here. It is also available in various physical configurations at the band’s Official Website. “Fallen” was produced by vocalist Michael Sweet.

“Fallen is about Lucifer before he became Satan. It’s the story of how he got kicked out of Heaven. He tried to overthrow God and take over,” describes Michael Sweet. “The song talks about how beautiful he was. When he walked, there was music. He was the angel of worship and this incredibly powerful and beautiful being.”

The track listing for Fallen is:

1. Yahweh
2. Fallen
3. Pride
4. Big Screen Lies
5. Heaven
6. Love You Like I Do
7. All Over Again
8. After Forever (Black Sabbath Cover)
9. ‘Till I Get What I Need
10. Let There Be Light
11. The Calling
12. King Of Kings

Check out “Fallen” here:

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Dutch Metal Artists Collaborate For “The Power Of Love” Charity Single

The Power of Love is a Dutch metal collaboration for the Red Cross, a very special large-scale collaboration between Netherlands-based metal artists to help gather donations and bring aid to victims of sexual abuse in conflict territories, featuring (amongst others) Floor Jansen, Simone Simons, Mark Jansen, Charlotte Wessels, Arjen Lucassen, and Ruud Jolie.

The Power Of Love comes on the occasion of 3FM’s Serious Request 2014 – a massive Dutch charity event that is organised every year by one of Netherland’s biggest radio stations.

From December 8th onward, fans will be able to give a donation and download a heavy cover of “The Power of Love,” originally performed by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, at this location. The lineup includes:

Floor Jansen – Nightwish, Revamp
Simone Simons – Epica
Anneke van Giersbergen – a.o ex – The Gathering, The Gentle Storm
Arjen Lucassen – Ayreon
Ruud Jolie – Within Temptation
Charlotte Wessels – Delain
Marcela Bovio – Stream of Passion
Daniel de Jongh – Textures
Jochem Jonkman – Vanderbuyst
Mark Jansen – Epica, Mayan
Manda Ophuis – Nemesea
Valerio Recenti – My Propane
Dianne van Giersbergen – Xandria
George Oosthoek – Orphanage
Caroline Westendorp – The Charm the Fury
Epic Rock Choir – The Theatre Equation
Joost van den Broek – Producer, ex After Forever
Maaike Peterse – Kingfisher’s Sky
Anand Mahangoe, Remon Masseling, DJ van Zon – My Propane
Ben Mathot – a.o Ayreon, Kyteman Orchestra

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Opera Choir For New LP “Prometheus” Announced By Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody is set to enter the studio in a few weeks to begin recordings for the upcoming new release “Prometheus – Symphonia Ignis Divinus.” Today, the band began to post studio diary reports for the release, the first announcing opera choir members. The first is Bridget Fogle, who sang vocals on Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest release “Lost Horizons” (2006) and Luca Turilli’s 2006 solo release “The Infinite Wonders of Creation.” Secondly, the band announced Previn Moore, who sang choirs with Rhapsody of Fire, LT Rhapsody’s last release “Ascending to Infinity,” as well as After Forever and Epica.

The full diary entry reads:


Hi to all, now only a couple of weeks are left for us to enter in the BACKYARD STUDIOS of Kempten and proceed to the last album recordings with our faithful engineer and great friend SEBASTIAN ROEDER.

“The highlight of this new studio session will be the OPERA CHOIR recordings. The RHAPSODY composer LUCA TURILLI is actually completing all the choral arrangements and soon all those notes, from his CUBASE software, will turn into real and epic vocal melodies. Therefore we want to present you the two main amazing voices who will be with us for one long and hard week of tough recordings (the RHAPSODY choral parts are considered by all singers as really difficult due to the many changes of tonalities and for all the “crazy lines” composed by Luca himself) and that will lead such opera choir session, raising the cinematic level of our new album PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS, to new artistic heights!

“Here they are, our long time friends and surely two of the best voices around: BRIDGET FOGLE and PREVIN MOORE!

“We don’t need to spend further words about their singing quality as you all know well both of them. They already performed on many RHAPSODY albums, we are collaborating together since more than 10 years and they are guarantee of top quality indeed. They also sang on our previous hit album ASCENDING TO INFINITY (and who could forget the memorable performance of BRIDGET FOGLE on the song TORMENTO E PASSIONE, a favorite between our fans?).

“We really love them, they are an important part of the RHAPSODY family and we are proud to have them on our boat. Ready to sail!”

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New Track “The Path” Streaming From Amazon

Brazilian symphonic metal act Amazon is streaming the new track “The Path” from the band’s upcoming new release “Rise.” The release date for the album has not yet been announced, but it is the band’s third and first album in four years (2010’s “Nature’s Last Ride”). The album was produced Sander Gommans (ex-After Forever/HDK/Trillium and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia/Trillium/HDK).

More information on the album is expected soon. Check out “The Path” here:

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Album Art & Track List For New LP “Messenger” Revealed By Wardrum

Greek power metal act Wardrum, featuring Until Rain vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos, revealed that the band’s third album will be entitled “Messenger.” The release is expected to drop on November 4th via Steel Gallery Records.

“Messenger” is a powerful album with more than 1 hour of music that invigorates the band’s sound trademark with 14 heavy, ultra melodic, technical, brand new songs, taking them to a whole new level. The album was produced by Kostas Scandalis, the cover artwork was created once again by Piotr Szafraniec especially for Wardrum, while the album’s layout is a work of Gregory Derekenaris.

The track list and artwork are:

1. Shelter
2. The Messenger
3. Lady Jane Grey
4. Phoenix
5. After Forever
6. Looking Back
7. Travel Far Away
8. Oceans
9. Red Ruby Heart
10. Deceiver
11. Broken
12. Vengeance
13. Rebirth
14. Four Seasons

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