Vibrion Signs Record Deal With Xtreem Music

Argentina-based death metal outfit Vibrion has inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of new album “Bacterya,” which is set for release on March 21st, 2016. Xtreem Music comments:

“Emerging back in ’89 under the monicker of Chacal, they later changed into Vibrion in 1992. That same year they recorded ‘Erradicated Life,’ a demo that was also released a a 7” EP, followed by an European tour in 1994 and then two albums ‘Diseased’ (’95) & ‘Closed Frontiers’ (’97) to later disband in ’98 when the core of the band relocated to Belgium where they reformed in 2002 releasing a self-financed EP.

“Now Vibrion returns stronger than ever with an album that is a fucking brutal fresh air into the so standardized death metal scene. ‘Bacterya’ was recorded in September 2015 at Blackout Studios in Brussels (Belgium) by Jeremie Bézier and mastered by the mighty Andy Classen at Stage One Studios in Germany.

“The 10 songs included here displays a brutal yet heavy but above all, unique, original and personal brand of Death Metal of stunning quality that blends such varied elements from bands like Immolation, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Suffocation… into a unique entity that’s VIBRION!!”

The “Bacterya” track listing is as follows:

01. Day of Replication
02. The Warth of the Beast
03. The Worm Immune
04. The Walls of Caffa
05. Ill Essentia
06. Of My Burning Brothers
07. Hidden Plague Disseminator
08. Bacterya
09. Circles are Closed
10. Mutant

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“In The Nightside Eclipse” Transcribed Into Classical Sheet Music

Composer Martin Romberg has taken on the task of transcribing influential black metal into full classical sheet music, beginning with Emperor’s 1994 masterpiece “In the Nightside Eclipse.”

“Martin has clearly put a lot of time and effort into transferring the ‘Nightside Eclipse’ record into actual sheet music,” said original Emperor bassist Mortiis, “and it’s cool to be a small part of that.”

The 72-page score includes all instruments and chord analysis for study and performance, published by Raven Music Editions, a sheet music publisher founded in 2014 and specializing in producing scores from dark alternative and black metal music genres. The score is available at this location.

In the 20 years since the release of the album, Mortiis has gone on an eponymous journey that began as solo dark, ambient music and has since evolved into a full band playing equally dark, angry, industrial-influenced heavy music. Mortiis’ long-awaited new album “The Great Deceiver” will be available March 4th, 2016.

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Horrid Re-Issuing “Reborn In Sin” Album

Originally released back in 2002, Horrid’s “Reborn In Sin” will get the re-issue treatment from The Spew Records on January 25th, 2016. The label also issued this statement about the history of Horrid:

“In 1988 the band was formed by Belfagor (guitars) and Max (bass). They adopted the name Rites Of Death, aspiring to sound like bands such as Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. One year later the name was changed in Horrid. The first releases were issued in 1992 and 1994, years which saw the arrival of two self produced demo tapes: ‘Eternal Suffering’ and ‘You Are Mine.’ Another promo tape was recorded in 1993, although it didn’t see the light until 2009 on Terror From Hell Records.

“Each cassette generated interest among various labels, so in 1996 the band released the 7-inch vinyl ‘Awaiting For The Truth’ under Cryptic Soul Production. Three years later Horrid entered the legendary Sunlight Studio in Stockholm to record its second EP ‘Blasphemic Creatures,’ released by Behind The Mask Records.

“The mini album became an underground classic and gave Horrid the chance to sign a deal with Deadsun Records for the release of its first full length ‘Reborn In Sin’ (2002). Shortly thereafter, in 2006, the band received attention from Xtreeme Music and released its second full album ‘Rising From The Hidden Spheres.’

“In the meantime Horrid was featured on several compilation albums with new and repressed material: ‘Evil’s Birth’ 2002 (More Hate Productions), ‘Death By Metal’ 2010 (Blasphemous Art Productions) and ‘The Final Massacre’ 2011 (Black Tears Productions). Many line up changes occurred throughout the band’s 24 years history. Then in 2012, after a short hiatus, Horrid came back to life when Riccardo (drums) joined the band.

“In June 2013 the trio entered again the Sunlight Studio in Sweden to record its third full length with Tomas Skogsberg. The resulting work, entitled ‘Sacrilegious Fornication,’ is an eight songs album of raw and dark old school death metal, featuring guest vocals by Johan Jansson (Interment), plus a cover of Hellhammer’s classic ‘Massacra.’ In march 2014 Max left the band due to personal and musical incompatibilities. The album was released in April 2014 by the German underground label Dunkelheit Produktionen.”

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Hybernoid Re-Issuing “The Last Day Begins?” With Bonus Content

Hybernoid’s “The Last Day Begins?” is about to get a new version released via Xtreem Music, with the label commenting:

“Here at the Xtreem Music headquarters, feel more proud than ever to announce that we’ll be officially re-issueing one of our all time fave doom / death releases ever!! This is the classic ’94 debut of one UK’s most original, unique and genuine bands, Hybernoid!

“In 1994 it was released what’s arguably the most unique album by a band whose style has never been easy to classify, but was swimming amongst elements of doom, death and industrial, the debut of British Hybernoid’s ‘The Last Day Begins?’ was an instant classic that got worldwide recognition with songs full of magic mysticism and eerie moods with bewitching and hypnotizing melodies where the female & male vocalists formed a raw yet perfect combination.

“This re-issue of ‘The Last Day Begins?’ comes in a killer 2-CD set including their three 7″ EP’s and demo ’92 as well as 6 unreleased songs that never made it for their 2nd album and three rare tracks from their ‘Todays Tomorrows Yesterday’ CD. Basically all their recordings from ’92 to ’97 that comes in a fucking complete 16-pages booklet full of photos, covers, flyers, show posters, liner notes and tons of stuff!! Front cover art is a revamped version of the original, but hey, don’t cry, the original one is on the backside of the booklet, so all you’ll have to do, in case you prefer that one, is just flip the booklet and stop bitching, haha!!”

This new edition will drop on February 1st and you can hear a track from the upcoming re-release below.

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