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Would You Like To Be a Guest Contributor for ?

Are you a guest blogger? An author? Just a hardcore Metalhead? We would love to have you write for us.

We are welcoming guest post opportunities on any topics related to the heavy metal industry. This includes topics like music and album reviews, bands and concert reviews, band interviews, general metal rock industry news, etc.

What can we do for you to help you out?  We can probably;
– arrange for you to receive a variety of emails daily, featuring the latest news, news on album releases, tour date releases, etc.
– arrange for you to have access to bands for interview.
– arrange for you to receive physical copies of new music releases for you to review.
– arrange for you to perform interviews on the red carpet of music award shows (if you’re real good).

We’re looking for good, fun, exciting original content, where our thousands of followers won’t be able to wait to come back tomorrow to see what you have to say next… we don’t want news and press releases just regurgitated from other sources.

In exchange, you can post a short blurb about yourself at the end of each article.  With our 5,000 readers every day, this would be an excellent way to boost your following and fan base…

So, if you are interested in writing for us, and think you can send us good, fun, interesting articles, please write us and tell us about yourself, maybe send a potential article or potential topic idea/headline, and let us know what you would like to provide/cover,  to

Thanks, we look forward to reading your posts and publishing your work!

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