Woe Reveals New Album “Hope Attrition”

U.S. black metal legion Woe will release long-awaited new full-length album “Hope Attrition” this March 17th, 2017 via new label home of Vendetta Records.

The alarming seven-track offering, and first in four years following the “Withdrawal” album (reviewed here), was penned throughout the end of 2015 and most of 2016.

Featuring founding guitarist/vocalist Chris Grigg alongside a monster lineup of longtime contributing bassist Grzesiek Czapla, guitarist Matt Mewton, and drummer Lev Weinstein, “Hope Attrition” is a frenzied but mournful work that draws from Woe’s darkest black metal influences while bringing out dormant death metal undertones.

The album is bolstered by the crushing production of engineer Stephen DeAcutis (Evoken, Dim Mak) at Sound Spa Studios in Edison, New Jersey. “Hope Attrition” is a personal commentary on the chaos of the modern world that only Woe can offer. Grigg relays of the record’s manifestation:

“‘Hope Attrition’ is the result of the most intense writing and demoing process since the first album. The long break from playing and performing gave me the opportunity to approach Woe with a renewed energy and perspective. Grzesiek acted as co-producer and under his watchful eye, I wrote and scrapped nearly another album’s worth of material before settling on these, which then saw fine tuning at the hands of the full band.

“The world itself provided the ultimate motivation and pushed us darker, heavier, more oppressive, resulting in the strongest work in our catalog. We are particularly proud to be working with Vendetta on this release, as they are a partner who shares our dedication to our art.”

1. Unending Call Of Woe
2. No Blood Has Honor
3. A Distant Epitaph
4. The Din Of The Mourning
5. The Ones We Lost
6. Drown Us With Greatness
7. Abject In Defeat

Hope Attrition by Woe

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Wintersun Reveals New Album Title As “The Forest Seasons”

Following the “Time I” album from back in 2012 (reviewed here), Wintersun has revealed a new album is finally coming, but it won’t be the long-expected “Time II.” The band comments:

“Wintersun’s 3rd full-length album name is… ‘The Forest Seasons!’ That’s right folks, we’ll leave you pondering a bit what this name means. Next week we’ll release the album track list and everything will become very clear to you! Promise!”

Jari Mäenpää recently issued a lengthy post explaining why this album won’t be “Time II” and gave a hint of what to expect instead at this location.

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Agonia Records Offering All Digital Albums For $3

Kicking off the new year in proper metal style, Agonia Records has a killer sale running where all the label’s albums are only $3 via Bandcamp here.

This includes the label’s most recent releases, like Aborym’s new album “Shifting.Negative” (reviewed here) or the crossover “Lost Signals” EP from Code.

There’s dozens of $3 albums covering every sub-genre, from Glorior Belli to Root and October Tide. Check it out while the sale lasts through the end of January.

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Bauda Announces Plans For New Album Recording

The strength of 2015 album “Sporelights” (reviewed here) saw Chilean prog group Bauda spot lighted in our Unearthing The Underground column, and we’re excited to announce a new album is now in the works. Bauda just issued this statement online (translated from Spanish):

“Dear all, we wish you success in every way. This was a year of changes and processes that will bear fruit very soon. We are on the doors of recording a new album.

“We are very excited and happy. Happy new year and magic we wish with all my heart. Long live the big birds!! Born under Saturn, happy new year, all the best!”

“Sporelights” by Bauda

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Early ’98 Dillinger Escape Plan Footage Comes Online

Magic Bullet Records uncovered some classic old footage covering one of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s earliest performances in Warminster, PA. Check out a clip of this DIY show from June 1998 below. The guys have come a long way since then to releases like “One Of Us Is The Killer” and latest offering “Disassociation.”

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Vader Issues 2016 Year End Message To Fans

After releasing new album “The Empire” (reviewed here), Vader just checked in with this year-end message to all the fans out there:

“VADERMANIAX! Thanks so much for your support in 2016! That was another one busy, crazy and satisfactory year. We have played over 70 shows, from which 1/4 were festivals.

“We released also new album ‘The Empire,’ which has so good a response from you. However, the NEW YEAR is coming and we are pretty much ready for 2017 m/m/

“This ‘imperial year’ starts in a few months for Vader. We have many surprises for ALL of you for the whole coming season. Stay VADERIZED and have much fun in NEW YEAR 2017!”

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Morbid Vomit Working On New Album

The strength of debut full-length album “Doctrine of Violence” album (reviewed here) had us repeatedly covering fledgling death metal outfit Morbid Vomit throughout 2015, but since then we haven’t heard much from the band.

That changes today as the Finnish group issued this brief statement via Facebook: “It’s been quiet in here but no worries, we are doing shows in 2017 and the next album is being written.”

Stay tuned for more info on the impending album as it becomes available, and be sure to check out a song off the last album below.

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Odyssey Offering “The Turning Tide” EP For Free Download

Now through the end of the year, Spokane instru-metal band Odyssey is offering a free download of the 2014 EP “The Turning Tide.”

Pick up your own digital copy on a name-your-price basis via Bandcamp here. “The Turning Tide” precedes the band’s latest album “Voids” (reviewed here) and the EP’s track listing is as follows:

1. The Devil’s in the Details 06:22
2. The Turning Tide 03:50
3. The Machine Stops 05:52
4. Quietly Waiting 04:21

The Turning Tide by Odyssey

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Samael To Release New Album In 2017

Swiss group Samael has a new album on the horizon to follow 2011’s “Lux Mundi” (reviewed here). The band comments:

“Samael is celebrating 30th anniversary next year, and is releasing a new album. On April 22, the band will headline the return of the mighty MetalMania Festival in Katowice, Poland.

“The band will perform a special set featuring material from the first four albums, and present new songs from the upcoming album. Get ready for a very special show! Tickets are available now.”

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Barren Earth To Record New Album In 2017

Barren Earth just checked in with this announcement about gearing up to hit the studio and track a new album:

“Hello friends! A bit of news for you: Barren Earth is currently preparing to record the follow-up to 2015’s ‘On Lonely Towers.’ We have booked Woodshed Studios for March and April, where we will work under Victor Santura’s watching eye.

“A ton of material has already been written, and it would be safe to say already now that it will differ quite strongly from our previous works. To be specific, we are working towards a darker and more aggressive feel, which we attempt to express both experimentally and with a good dose of blunt force!

“The songs are very varied, so it’s going to be extremely interesting to create an integrated entity for you to enjoy.”

This is how Mr. Santura comments on the cooperation: “Actually I am really excited about working with Barren Earth! The guys are fantastic musicians and the demo material I’ve heard so far sounds very promising, so I hope that the recording- and mixing sessions will be a great pleasure.”

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