Juggernaught Streaming “Bring The Meat Back”

The first single and title track from the 2012 album by South African hard rock/metal band Juggernaught has been made into an official video. That song, “Bring the Meat Back,” is streaming below. “Bring the Meat Back” is the second album from the Pretoria band, and has been streaming in its entirety over on bandcamp.

Their first release, 2009’s “Act of Goat,” was well received locally, selling out its first pressing in less than two months on the heels of the lead single, “Mountain Man.” Following the momentum of its debut, the band was invited to write and record a song with local music star, Mapuputsi, for the South African Broadcasting Channel’s highly rated Jam Sandwhich television show, the result of which quickly became one of the highest selling singles in the show’s history.

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Kali Ma To Record New Album In March

Connecticut’s Kali Ma has checked in with the following announcement about gearing up to record a new album:

“It is with heavy heart and sadness to announce that Kali Ma will no longer be playing music as a band. Sike! We’re actually going to record all new material starting in March.

“We’re very excited to do so as we had plans to start this past November, but we were not satisfied with the current status of our new tunes at the time, but we are now and that’s pretty rad! This will be our 1st official full length cd of studio tracks.

“We were stoked with our last release we put out with our live recorded performance and our self-titled studio recorded E.P. but we’re pumped to put a new release out with all new tunes! Hopefully you’ll enjoy as we worked hard and pushed ourselves to write the best songs we can.”

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My Soliloquy Streaming New Song "Fractured"

“The Interpreter,” the debut studio full-length from U.K. progressive metal act My Soliloquy, is nearing North American release on January 29th via Sensory Records. Today fans can hear the first single to be released from the upcoming opus.

The fifth track from “The Interpreter,” titled “Fractured,” is a more than five minute anthem that can be heard through Metal Insider here or in the player below. Sensory Records also commented:

“Formed by multi-instrumentalist Pete Morten, of British prog metal legends Threshold, the essence of My Soliloquy is pure forward thinking metal – symphonic keyboards, shredding guitar leads, soaring vocals – all finely woven together through a blend of intricacy and melody into a powerful force.

“Following a pair of demos and an EP release, Sensory is proud to finally unleash the newly-completed first full-length from this act. With nearly all instrumentation on the recording executed solely by Pete Morten, minus the drumming, The Interpreter flows with over fifty minutes of grand musicianship, expertly mixed and mastered by Rob Aubrey, a mainstay of Marillion’s camp for many years.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Ascension Pending
2. Flash Point
3. Corrosive De-Emphasis
4. Fractured
5. Six Seconds Grace
6. Dream In Extremis
7. Inner Circles
8. Star

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Apolokia Posts Teaser Trailer For "Kathaarian Vortex" Album

My Kingdom Music has issued the following statement about the upcoming “Kathaarian Vortex” album from Apolokia:

“With ‘Kathaarian Vortex,’ Apolikia proves that purity in black metal still exists and you’ll be overwhelmed soon by their outstanding inhuman and malevolent geniality, entirely crafted with a 1992 black metal sound production. Watch the official album trailer below.”

“Kathaarian Vortex” will be released on February 25th, 2013. The track listing is as follows:

1. Consolamentum
2. Post Kristus Daemonolatry
3. In Figuram Baphometis
4. Order of the Nine
5. Malignant Asphyxiation
6. Kathaarian Vortex
7. Signum Satani
8. Coil of Nihilism
9. Pure Imperial Darkness MMXII

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Mind Affliction To Release New Album "Pathetic Humanity"

Polish black/death metal act Mind Affliction will be releasing new album “Pathetic Humanity” later this month through Metal Scrap Records. A track from the album, titled “Human Centipede,” can be heard in the player below.

The album was recorded during the summer of 2012 at 67 Studio in Giebultów and the material was mixed, mastered, and recorded by Dominik Burzym. Mind Affliction comments:

“‘Pathetic Humanity’ tells the story of human depravity and perversion. The record features mixed styles ranging from black metal to technical death, often filled with harmonics and even some doom metal elements. Two vocals together with two unique guitars tuned all the way down to C, all accompanied by brutal blast beats on drums, create an eerie, sometimes psychedelic, yet soothing atmosphere.”

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Basement Torture Killings Streaming "The Second Cumming" Album

U.K. death metal act Basement Torture Killings has released the original version of the 2011 debut album “The Second Cumming” online via Bandcamp. You can stream the release below or download on a pay-what-you-want basis at this location. The band also commented:

“With the option for you to pick your own price. If you want it for free then its yours, if you want to make a donation then that would be welcomed and will be used to continue the bands murderous rampage.

“The Second Cumming received rave reviews on its initial release in the UK, with Terrorizer labelling the release ‘An impressive display of gore soaked death metal’ Metal Hammer simply stated ‘A death metal perversity in tweed and knitted cardigans.’ Basement Torture Killings is part band and part horror theatre. Featuring deviant serial killers, Bertrand, Tarquin and the mysterious Fourth Killer.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Human Body Part Jewellry 02:39
2. Outback Murders 02:25
3. The Burner 03:43
4. Severed Head Fellatio 03:25
5. Caught Twice But Never Convicted 02:38
6. Priceless Life Death Art 03:43
7. 31 Stab Wounds To The Face 03:20
8. Crucifix Sodomy 03:11
9. The Trucker 03:18
10. Gore Bukkake 06:17

The Second Cumming by Basement Torture Killings

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Sinister Realm Recording New Studio Album

Pennsylvania metal act Sinister Realm has checked in with the following brief announcement about entering the studio to record a new album:

“We are at the studio!! Starting work on our 3rd CD. We have some great things coming up!! New CD, new video, possible tour and some shows in GA.”

This new release will be the follow-up to the 2011 album “The Crystal Eye.” Several tracks from that album are available for streaming through the Reverbnation player below.

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Claymords Posts "Scum Of The Earth" Album Recording Footage

Norway’s Claymords has been hard at work recording new album “Scum of the Earth,” which is due out in early 2013 through WormHoleDeath.

The band has now posted a fourth and final video update from Realsound Studio in Parma, Italy. Check out the clip below, or watch a previously posted studio video from Claymords at this location.

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Part One Of Documentary Series "The First Seal" Posted By Death SS

Italian metal band Death SS posted a video entitled “The First Seal,” which is part one of a documentary series leading up to the band’s new LP “Resurrection,” the first studio LP since the release of “The 7th Seal” in 2006. The album is scheduled for a March 2013 release.

The band just issued a new music video for the song “The Darkest Night,” which can be seen over at this location. Check out “The First Seal” here:

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J.D. Overdrive Issues New Album Update

Polish act J.D Overdrive has issued the following year-end recap and update about working on a new album:

“The Mayans were wrong, what a surprise! OK, since we’re not going anywhere just yet, we thought we’d do a little sum up of the last twelve months. We have quite a successful year behind us, lots of awesome gigs, including supporting Soulfly and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens in Warsaw, a mini-tour with Anti Tank Nun, performances at Rock Stars Festival, River of Booze, Radio Revolta Fest, the return of the Night of the Living Rock ‘brand’… Happy happy joy joy.

“The New Year should be exciting as well – at this moment we’re almost done with recording guitars for our sophomore album which we hope will get released in the 1st half of 2013. It’s gonna be bigger, heavier and better – this we can promise. We’re also cooking up quite a surprise in the concert department but shush for now…

“So all in all we’d like to thank everyone who made sure that 2012 was so easy on us. And we’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a brutal hangover on January 1st. See you all in 2013!”

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