Electric Taurus Posts European Tour Dates

Irish psychedelic doom band Electric Taurus has posted a few tour dates for the coming weeks of its schedule. The Italian dates, culminating in a turn at that Sabra Cadabra Doom Festival, are followed by a date back in Ireland. Electric Taurus has also been streaming its full-length album “Veneralia,” which follows the dates.

January 17th Cremona, Italy @ Midian Live
January 18th Fidenza, Italy @ Il Taun (w/Hyper Evel and Black Temple Below)
January 19th Prato-Controsenso/Sabra Cadabra Doom Festival (w/Caronte, Sulfur, Witches Brew, Fangs Of The Molossus….)
January 20th Forli, Italy @ Bar President (w/Abaton)
February 16th Dublin, Ireland @Fibber Magees (w/Black Magician)

Veneralia by Electric Taurus

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Studio Report And Track Listing For Debut LP Revealed From Ultra-Violence

Italian thrashers Ultra-Violence posted a in studio report on the band’s recordings for the upcoming debut full length release “Privilege To Overcome.” The album is expected for an April 2013 release through Punishment 18 Records. The album was recorded in December 2012 by Simone Mularoni (DGM/Empyrios/Epysode) at Domination Recording Studio in San Marino.

The track listing for “Priviledge to Overcome” is as follows:

1 – Spell Of The Moon
2 – L.F.D.Y.
3 – Order Of The Black
4 – Stigmatized Reality
5 – Restless Parasite
6 – Turn Into Dust
7 – The Voodoo Cross
8 – You’re Dead!
9 – The Beast Behind Your Back
10- 10.000 Ways To Spread My Hate
11- Metal Milizia
12- When Future & Past Collide
13- Ride Across The Storm

Check out the studio report here:

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Chariots Of The Gods Posts New Album "Tides Of War" Trailer

Chariots of the Gods has released a teaser trailer for the band’s upcoming new album “Tides of War,” which is due out January 29th, 2013. Give the clip a view below, or listen to the full “Unbound” track over at this location. The full “Tides of War” track listing is as follows:

1. Overture
2. Seventh Weapon
3. Blind Assassin
4. Ambrosian Wings
5. Tides of War
6. Revillusion (1905)
7. Snow Falls On The White River (1914)
8. Severing The Bloodline (1917)
9. Collapse of An Empire
10. Red Skies
11. Nebula
12. Starborn
13. Unbound (featuring Aleksi Sihvonen)
14. Annihilation of The Gods

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Terminate Streaming New Song "Rotten Dead Mass"

Having recently signed with Poland’s Selfmadegod Records, Illinois-based death metal horde Terminate has completed the recording of its debut album and today lash out at the public with the first dose of brutality harnessed in the studio.

Now locked down for release on February 18th, “Ascending To Red Heavens” was recorded in September at The Basement by Tim Pearson, and mixed/mastered Tim Pearson at Do or Die Studio, viciously capturing nine tracks of Terminate’s fatal death metal attack.

The cover illustration was completed by Raul Gonzalez (Master, Morbus Chron, etc.) and is viewable along with a stream of the album’s fourth song, “Rotten Dead Mass,” via the Selfmadegod Bandcamp page. You can also listen to the track below.

The “Ascending To Red Heavens” track listing is as follows:

1. Answered in Lead
2. Demonic Instinct
3. Numb
4. Rotten Dead Mass
5. The Savage Silence
6. Chainsaw Omega
7. Ascending to Red Heavens
8. Blind Leading the Blind
9. Iron Supremacy

Ascending To Red Heavens by TERMINATE

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Bleeding Red Shooting New Music Video For "Wasted Screams"

German melodic death/thrash newcomers Bleeding Red are going to produce a video clip for their song “Wasted Screams.” In cooperation with Oliver Barth and Visions in Fear, the clip will be shot on January 26th in Aalen. Bleeding Red frontman Timo states:

“We are really looking forward to creating our first video! First we wanted to shoot a clip for ‘Thoughtcrime,’ because we usually want to express a message with what we do, until we found the perfect horror location for ‘Wasted Screams’ by chance! I think our fans are gonna be happy with that, anyway, because it is still one of the most popular song on the album. Vision in Fear’s Oliver Barth is, on top of that, someone who has known the band almost since the beginning. Prepare for the upcoming visual awakening of Wasted Screams! Stay awake!”

The video will feature an appearance by model Maren Strassner and the track “Wasted Screams” come off the band’s debut “Evolution’s Crown,” released in March 2012 via Rock Road/Soulfood.

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Shock Releases "Slashing To Live" Music Video

Canadian act Shock has released a new video clip for the song song “Slashing to Live,” which is the first song from the band’s new album “Once Denied,” to be released 2013. The video is available below and Shock also commented:

“Our first video! Make sure to select HD to view the incredible illustrations from Gary Frederick, and crank up the volume to hear the amazing production of Mike Bond! Enjoy – and happy New Year!”

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Dishonour The Crown Streaming "Gone To The Dogs" EP Online

After releasing a music video for the title track “Gone To The Dogs,” Dishonour the Crown has posted the full EP online for streaming. Give the songs a listen in the player below, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. This Cuntry 01:06
2. Gone to the Dogs 03:03
3. Blood on the Union Flag 02:17
4. No Revolution 04:34
5. Subdivisions 02:33
6. Voice of Treason 03:59

Gone to the Dogs by Dishonour the Crown

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Virulent Releases New Album "The Great Destroyer"

Phoenix, Arizona’s Virulent has released the new album “The Great Destroyer,” which can now be heard online through the Virulent Bandcamp page here or in the player below. The track listing is as follows:

1. ILTFL 04:53
2. Bloodletting 03:04
3. Eos 03:30
4. Awakening 03:27
5. Deceiver 02:06
6. Daniel Day Lewis & the News 04:09
7. New Horizon 04:48
8. Iridium 01:48
9. Chuggernaut 03:18 (check out the music video right here)
10. SunCrusher 03:06
11. The Great Destroyer 04:10
12. StarGazer 03:37

The Great Destroyer by Virulent

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Foundations Releases New EP "Honour" For Streaming And Download

U.K. based act Foundations has just released the brand new EP “Honour” for free via Bandcamp. Stream the tracks in the player below or download them over here.

Foundations also commented on the EP: “The third release sees the band bring raw anger in a way not seen in the previous releases, crushing riffs and punishing vocals grab your attention from the very start and leave you breathless after the onslaught that is ‘Honour.’ With big plans for the new year, it’s time to start paying attention before you’re left in the dark.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Sickness 03:37
2. Honour 04:31
3. Purity 04:27

Honour EP by Foundations

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Flagellated Seraph Streaming Full "Beyond Salvation" Album

Swedish one man black metal act Flagellated Seraph released the “Beyond Salvation” album during the summer through Hellthrasher Productions, and now the full album is available online for streaming. Check out the tracks via Bandcamp or in the player below.

The CD version was put out on July 23rd by Hellthrasher Productions and a cassette tape release is due out soon through Bylec-Tum Records. “Beyond Salvation” was mixed and mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson at Endarker. The track listing is as follows:

1. Remeniscence of the Serpent 01:46
2. He Who Bears the Mark 05:48
3. Beyond Salvation 06:57
4. I Am the Flame 07:48
5. Redeemer of Nothingness 09:04
6. Casus Belli 02:20

Beyond Salvation by Flagellated Seraph

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