Trailer Clip For New album “For The Demented” Issued By Annihilator

Last week, Annihilator announced the release of the 16th studio album, “For The Demented,” hitting stores on November 3, 2017 via Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music. The album is certainly the most complete and definitive statement yet. The album will be available in a Limited Edition Digipack with Lenticular cover, a jewel-case CD, a 12″ 180gms coloured vinyl in gatefold and digital download. Pre-orders are now live via this location.

Make sure to also check out a brand new album trailer in the player at the bottom, in addition to the full music video for the first single “Twisted Lobotomy”, over here.

Annihilator mastermind Jeff Waters felt that with For The Demented, it was time to analyze what fans had been telling him over the years. “It was time to sit down and figure out ‘why’ Annihilator ‘s early “thrash-meets-melodic” caught the ears of so many and to try to sweep the ‘fan’ part of my writing/playing/singing out the door and welcome back the mostly-original Waters writing that was to be the first four Annihilator albums.”

Waters adds, “Bottom line, For The Demented captures some feel from Annihilator’s 1985-87 demos mixed with the first four Annihilator records. Back to the thrash-meets-melody but with some pure Waters guitar riffing, up-graded lead guitar shredding and vocals back to the demo-days meets the King of The Kill record. Lyrically, I placed a theme on the record: the human mind and all of its glory, complexity, diversity, weaknesses and insanity! Pretty much the craziness of the music is matched by the lyrics… I think metal fans are going to hear much of what they have been waiting for from Annihilator.”

Since 1989, Canada’s Annihilator have not stopped putting out records and touring the world. Despite the ever-changing climate of the metal world (and releasing a series of “different” metal records with various lineups along the way), Jeff Waters and company have consistently delivered strong albums since the band’s debut “Alice In Hell.” Then there was 1990’s best-selling “Never, Neverland,” 1995’s “King of The Kill,” “Schizo Deluxe” in 2005 and many other critically-acclaimed releases up until 2015’s “Suicide Society.” The ‘under-the-radar’ influence of this band, and writer/guitarist/vocalist Jeff Waters, has been felt throughout the entire realm of the metal world by a ton of well-known musicians and bands; that influence even stretching into the hard rock and instrumentalist genre.

The track listing for “For The Demented” is:

1. Twisted Lobotomy
2. One to Kill
3. For the Demented
4. Pieces of You
5. The Demon You Know
6. Phantom Asylum
7. Altering the Alter
8. The Way
9. Dark
10. Not All There

Check out the preview clip here:

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