New Live CD/DVD “Live In Wacken” Announced By Unisonic

German metal act Unisonic – featuring former Helloween members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske – will issue the live CD/DVD “Live In Wacken” on July 21st via earMUSIC. A clip of the song “Unisonic” can be viewed in the player below.

With the 2012 self-titled debut album, Unisonic unleashed a storm of enthusiasm. For the first time in 23 years, the two former members of Hamburg’s metal institution Helloween reunited to play in the same band. More than a few metal fans might have shed a tear.

After the successful follow-up album “Light Of Dawn” in 2014, a worldwide tour followed with memorable gigs in South America, Europe and Japan until Unisonic, still at full speed, brought it’s energy to the small village of Wacken where one of the biggest and most spectacular metal festivals in the world takes place every year.

On stage, the band showed class and diversity; the sound is spiked with remarkable riffs and guitar solos, thundering grooves, classic metal hymns and hooks other bands would be dying to write. And on top the anthemic vocals of Kiske, whose “out-of-this-world” voice is so extraordinary and strong, he is often mentioned in the same breath with Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Geoff Tate.

Like the studio albums, “Live in Wacken” was mixed and mastered by the band’s own Dennis Ward. The release will be available as a limited CD/DVD (Digipak) version. The bonus DVD includes the video recording of six songs from their spectacular performance.

The track listing is:

CD Audio:

1. Venite 2.0
2. For the Kingdom
3. Exceptional
4. My Sanctuary
5. King For a Day
6. A Little Time
7. Your Time Has Come
8. When The Deed Is Done
9. Star Rider
10. Throne of the Dawn
11. March of Time

DVD Video:

1. For the Kingdom
2. Exceptional
3. Your Time Has Come
4. When The Deed Is Done
5. March Of Time
6. Unisonic

Check out “Unisonic” here:

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