Hate Unbound Releasing New Album “Plague”

Somewhere in the dark depths of death and thrash metal lies the inspiration for Hate Unbound’s new album “Plague.” Those influences remained constant throughout Hate Unbound’s writing and arranging process, which is a collaborative effort between all members of the band.

“Plague” was recorded, mixed, and mastered during the spring and summer of 2016 at Elaire Studios, which is located in the shadow of the decaying city of Detroit, Michigan.

Hate Unbound’s “Plague” is a tribute to, as well as a continuation of, all things heavy and a salute to all headbangers everywhere, due out February 17th via Inverse Records. Check out new track “Baptized in Lies” below.

01. Baptized in Lies
02. Cut
03. Suffering
04. Burn Your Idols
05. Soiled
06. Puncture
07. Plague
08. I, Martyr
09. Grey Skies
10. The Fallen

Baptised in Lies by Hate Unbound

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