Barishi Streams Full New Album “Blood From The Lion’s Mouth”

Vermont’s gritty progressive metal quartet Barishi is now streaming ambitious new full-length album “Blood from the Lion’s Mouth,” which can be heard below.

Regarding the album, the band comments: “We’re really proud of this album. It was an absolute blast to both write and record. We spent last summer at home in Jamaica, Vermont writing constantly. Our goal was to come up with something that was cohesive as a whole but also had an individuality to each track. Our producer Brian Westbrook really went above and beyond with it’s production. He has such clear vision in regards to a song’s structure as well as it’s sonic potential. It was killer to work with him again.”

Barishi’s second full-length album, and first for Season of Mist, will be released worldwide on Sept. 16. The album was recorded by Brian Westbrook at PDP Recording in Greenfield, MA during winter 2015-2016, and features cover art by Brian Mercer.

1. Grave of the Creator
2. Blood From the Lion’s Mouth
3. The Great Ennead
4. Death Moves in Silence
5. Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery
6. Bonesetter
7. The Deep
8. The Spectral Order

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