Bhavachakra Releasing Self-Titled Album

Floridian death/black metal band Bhavachakra is streaming a new track from the group’s forthcoming self-titled debut album. The track, titled “Sri Yantra” is available below.

This Floridian quartet will release the eponymous album on September 23rd via Translation Loss Records. Bhavachakra comments on the new track:

“‘Sri Yantra’ is a geometrical mandala pattern formed by nine interlocking triangles that radiate out from a central point. It is a symbol used to represent (among other things) divinity and the union of Masculine and Feminine energy. The track appears at the beginning of the album and is employed in a self referential fashion to introduce not only the album, but the band and the concepts that constellate therein. Serving as an affirmation of it’s own existence and a proclamation of the divine.”

1. Intro
2. Sri Yantra
3. Oceans of Existence
4. The Burden of Attachment
5. Prelude
6. Sybaritic Apparitions
7. Rivers of Transmigration
8. The Diadem of Thought
9. Untitled (Instrumental)
10. Avalokitesvara
11. Kali Yuga

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