Lyric Video For New Track “The Unseen One” Issued By Imperium

U.K. technical brutal death metal act Imperium has issued a lyric video for the new track “The Unseen One.” The song appears on the new album “Titanomachy,” which drops via Ultimate Massacre Productions on May 7th 2016.

As with every song on the album, “The Unseen One” tells a story steeped in Greek mythology and lore. Vocalist Doug Anderson (who also plays drums for Unfathomable Ruination) elaborates, “‘The Unseen One’ is a journey deep into the abyss, where the lord of the underworld resides. Cruel, but fair, ‘The Unseen One’ was a son of Kronos, and brother to Zeus. He was the jailer of hell, who rules over the dead.”

“This track really spoke to me as a single straight away,” Doug continues. “It combines some of the classic high intensity riffage of Imperium, with a full showcase of vocal range. The chorus ended up with quite a catchy hook, and Mike gets to really shine, with some of his best solo work to date!”

The track listing for the album is:

1. Intro
2. Castrate The Father Of The Sky
3. Beast From Beneath
4. Descend Abysmal Void
5. Ingurgitate The Traitor
6. Into Abode Of The Dead
7. The Unseen One
8. Skies That Bear Thunder
9. Phlegethon Rising
10. Minos
11. Neither Like Gods Nor Men
12. Titanomachy

Check out “The Unseen One” here:

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