The 69 Eyes Posts New Album Making-Of Clip

Helsinki’s The 69 Eyes recently proudly announced the release of new, 11th studio album to be titled “Universal Monsters.” It will be released on April 22nd via Nuclear Blast, and to bridge the gap until the album is unleashed, the band just launched a new making-of trailer.

Vocalist Jyrki commented: “The 69 Eyes are a guitar rock band. The main sound relies on two guitars, bass and drums – a classic set up. The overall sound is also shaped by all members’ different musical backgrounds.

“Rhythm guitarist Timo-Timo’s musical inspiration used to be punk rock, classic UK ’77 punk as well as 80’s hardcore punk. Not only just rhythm guitar, he’s often behind the melodic guitar licks the make The 69 Eyes songs so memorable. No beers in these sessions but you’ll get to hear a glimpse of the next single pick from the album called ‘Dolce Vita’! Still some two months to for that and the album though. Naturally it’s pure co-incidence that his features are strangely similar to Bela Lugosi…”

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