Byzantine Posts 2015 Recap Message To Fans

Chris Ojeda from Byzantine just checked in with this year-end recap message and update about what to expect in 2016:

“Hey guys, OJ here! We have been really quiet here in the Byzantine camp during the last month as things are winding down for 2015. This year has been a roller coaster for the band as we have had some of the coolest things and some of the worst things happen. We will start with the worst…

“This year we lost Matt Wolfe as the drummer of Byzantine. This came as a shock to us and I personally didn’t think I would be carrying on with Byzantine without Skip, Tony and Matt. BUT, the show must go on! We are currently in the process of finding the next member of our band that is willing to get into the trenches and continue to make waves for Byzantine.

“We are currently looking for tours for Spring, Summer and Fall so if any of you around the world want to see Byzantine live, write your congressman and favorite band and request to see us on their tour!

“Now for the good stuff… With the help of Adam Pollock @ (RED), we released our 5th album on our own label, Snakepit Music. Kodi, Zach and Nick @ The Syndicate were instrumental spreading the word around the airwaves and in the press. The Art of Christopher Lovell produced the hands down BEST album cover we have ever had! And lastly, Jose and Sirius XM allowed us to sit beside our heroes at the big boys table. Thanks to all you guys!

“We toured with some fantastic bands in Wednesday 13, IKILLYA, Thy Will Be Done, Your Chance To Die and played some great one off shows like South X Southwest in Austin and Rock n Shock in Worcester.

“Our album, financed ONLY by fans, friends, family members and the band itself took up real estate on many Album of the Year lists as well as finishing in the top 20 of the year for Loud Rock (CMJ) and Sirius Liquid Metal. So, to wrap this novella up, here’s our goals for 2016.

* Tour the West Coast of the US
* Tour Canada
* Tour Europe
* Play Festivals
* Write album 6

“We appreciate all the love, support and as always… we will keep on trucking. Chin up and Head Down. HERE’S TO A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2016!”

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