New LP Cover Art And Track Listing Revealed By Weeping Silence

Maltese gothic-doom metal outfit Weeping Silence revealed the cover art for the long awaited fourth studio effort “Opus IV Oblivion,” it’s first since joining the Massacre Records roster earlier this year. The album is set to drop on October 23rd.

The artwork (shown below) was designed by Darkgrove (Delain, Stratovarius, Sirenia, Manowar), and is inspired by the tomb art at the co-cathedral of Malta. The cover is laden with meaning and intricately woven with the album’s lyrical themes.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Oblivion – Darkness In My Heart Anno XV
2. Ivy Thorns Upon The Barrow
3. Eyes Of The Monolith
4. Hidden From The Sun
5. In Exile
6. Stormbringer
7. Transcending Destiny
8. Bury My Fairytale
9. Gothic Epitaph

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