Organ Dealer Releasing “Visceral Infection” Album

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes northern New Jersey’s grindcore fiends Organ Dealer to the roster with punishing debut album “Visceral Infection.” The album will drop on July 14th, with pre-orders available here, and HPGD Productions comments:

“Formed in a damp basement in June of 2013, Organ Dealer are a a flash point of sound, 100% full speed and relentless mayhem! ‘Visceral Infection’ is 20 intense minutes of pain, frustration and relief… the sum of experiences only brought on by living in a place like NJ.

“This is REAL grind with a death metal backbone and an honest representation of what fast, heavy music is when crammed into one tight space. Prepare yourself to have the back of your head splattered against the wall!”

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