Rorcal Streaming Live “Vilagvege” Album

This is the final chapter of the “Vilagvege” era: after having played it live for about a hundred shows and releasing it on vinyl, tape and CD, now is the time for the Swiss doom/black metal conspirators Rorcal to propose the very last version of the “Vilagvege” album – the live one.

The live record was fully self-produced by the band, recorded during the “Vilagvege” release party in Geneva on April 14th 2013, and includes special guests appearances of Japanese noise master KK-Null and Portugueses doom gods Process Of Guilt for an apocalyptic finale.

This version of the album will be released in very limited edition (300 copies only) as a 180 gram 12″ black vinyl. Today you can stream the full release below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. I 04:40
2. D 08:49
3. II 03:50
4. V 04:07
5. IV 03:13
6. VII 06:16
7. VI 03:07
8. Rorcal, featuring KK Null & Process of Guilt – VIII 09:58


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