PsychoBliss To Release New EP This Year

PsychoBliss, the dark metal band from Phoenix, AZ, is wrapping up the writing and recording process for a second EP.

Five songs have been finished instrumentally, with only vocals left to complete. The exact album release date has not yet been set, but PsychoBliss plans to unleash the as-yet-untitled EP by the end of 2013.

PsychoBliss’ first EP, “Dreams of Dystopia,” was released on 12/21/12, and showcased a slow and depressive mood. “Dreams of Dystopia” was released digitally and on cassette via Tridroid Records.

Daniel Stollings, the instrumentalist of PsychoBliss had this to say about the upcoming release: “I feel more than ever, that I’ve played upon my strengths as a musician on this new EP. The new songs offer that familiar dose of depression, but I also made it a point to pack these new songs with some much needed aggression.”

Stollings also added, “There will also be some really big news to accompany the artwork and tracklisting when the time comes.”

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