TheDevilzWork To Release New Album “A Dead Horse”

TheDevilzWork has checked in with the following statement about releasing a new album:

“So here we are, 2013. All you armaggeddon-sucking dildos out there lost out, hey? No flaming meteors. No rapture bullshit. No floods. The ‘Illuminati’ didn’t come & steal your food while you were asleep, Monsanto didn’t rush in & say ‘here, drink this.” Al Gore didn’t fly in & save your sorry asses? Good. Too bad.

“TheDevilzwork is releasing our new album, entitled ‘A Dead Horse’ via our bandcamp page on September, 11th 2013 (Third World Celebration Day). There will be a very limited amount of CD copies available. We won’t be doing any weddings, we only do funerals.”

You can also stream the band’s previous album “Floodlights” in the player provided below.

Floodlights by thedevilzwork

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