Behemoth Detail New Live “Messe Noire” Set & Trailer Posted

Behemoth‘s new live Blu-ray/DVD “Messe Noire” has been scheduled for an April 13th release date. The official trailer for the set is streaming below. The outing will be made available as a Blu-ray/CD combo, a DVD/CD combo, on vinyl and probably digitally as well Continue reading

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All That Remains’ Phil Labonte & Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto Beef Via Twitter

All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte has fired back at Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto in a series of tweets and a YouTube video after Gregoletto reacted to Labonte‘s recent appearance on Infowars, in which Labonte argued against gun control. Stick to this and not music @philthatremains — Paolo Gregoletto (@TriviumPaolo) February 21, 2018 This incited some Twitter beefing, that included the following tweets: I’m just happy Paolo has time to let us know how great he is. — Phil (@philthatremains) February 22, 2018 .. Continue reading

Watch Margot Robbie (“Suicide Squad”, Etc.) React To Bullet For My Valentine’s (And Corey Taylor’s) Surprise Dedication To Her

Margot Robbie (“Suicide Squad”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “I, Tonya”) is well known for her love of metal. She recently chatted about that on the BBC Radio 1‘s ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ segment. In addition to mentioning Metallica and attending a Slipknot concert as being big to her in her adolescent life, she also mentioned liking Thrice and Bullet For My Valentine. Continue reading