Consummation Releasing “Ritual Severance” EP

Invictus Productions has officially set March 13th as the international release date for Consummation’s debut EP, “Ritual Severance.” Consummation is an Australian black/death metal band based in Brisbane that shares members with Impetuous Ritual. Encompassing two tracks in 21 minutes, “Ritual Severance” offers a gibbering maw of intensity and tension. Check out the opening track below Continue reading

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Walls Of Jericho Releases “Forever Militant” Video

Eight years after “The American Dream,” Walls Of Jericho found new allies in Napalm Records and released latest record “No One Can Save You From Yourself” in 2016. The band centered around power fronter Candace is famous for maddening riffing, downbeats and huge breakdowns. Just in time for the European EMP Persistence tour together with Suicidal Tendencies and Agnostic Front, the band today releases a new music video for the track “Forever Militant.” Walls Of Jericho commented: “We shot this over the summer of 2016 at With Full Force Festival as a headliner of the main stage Continue reading

Urn Crowd Funding Music Video, Working On New Album

U.S. group Urn is now working with Emmy nominated make-up and special effects artist Cleve Hall for the production of a music video for the song “Black Widow.” Many know Cleve from his own reality show “Monster Man” on the SyFy Network. Besides creating special effects for films, Hall has worked with bands like KISS, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Insane Clown Posse, Tenaceous D, and Devo. Continue reading

Jenner Inks Deal With Inferno Records

Inferno Records just checked in with this announcement about inking a new record deal with Serbian group Jenner: “Formed in December 2013, Jenner is the only all-girl metal band from the Belgrade area and in spite of their young age, they’re showing a high potential & great abilities in delivering high-quality heavy speed metal! “They had released a two-song demo in 2015, already showing great professionalism & technical abilities! After weeks of intense hard work, they have recorded their first full-length album called ‘To Live Is To Suffer’ that will soon be released on Inferno Records! Stay tuned! For fans of Heathen, Overkill, Agent Steel, early Megadeth…” Continue reading

New Blog Comes Online Covering Band Financial Advice

“Don’t Forget The Business In The Music Business” author Antonio Ponce has posted a new blog on the financial responsibilities that goes with being in a band and working out your budgets. Ponce comments: “The last thing you want to happen is to get a big break and not be able to act on it due to a lack of funds. Continue reading

Rozamov Unveils “This Mortal Road” Album Details

Boston-based group Rozomav has issued the details and a brief trailer for upcoming debut full-length album “This Mortal Road,” which is set for co-release through Battleground Records and Dullest Records in March. Continue reading

Moloch Re-Issuing “Verwüstung” Album On Vinyl

Argento Records is aligning several new titles for release early this year, beginning with a remastered vinyl version of the out-of-print “Verwüstung” album by Ukrainian black metal horde Moloch. Birthed in 2002 as solo act of Carpathian artist Sergiy Fjordsson (Psilocybe City Life, Saturn Form Essence, Silver Sphere Moon), Moloch delivers cold, misanthropic, and desolate mid-tempo black metal. Released in a one-time limited CD run in 2014, “Verwüstung” will now be reissued in a quality LP version, featuring the previously unreleased track “Große Geister Aus Dem Vergessenen Königreich Der Stille.” The entire album has been fully remastered for vinyl by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, bringing these fully analog recordings to a new level of intensity Continue reading